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2016/03/14 02:00 UTC

Winner Renegades

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Renegades vs. AGG at ESL

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2nd map is going to be Cobblestone and this obviously favours Renegades quite a bit. We saw them beating OpTic on it yesterday with a really impressive CT hold against OpTic’s godlike T side on this map. They managed to close it out fairly easily on their T side as well with a 16-8 scoreline. All of Renegades’s players were on point and all dropped 15+ frags, that’s a real team effort and that’s how it should be for Renegades IMO.

AGG on Cobblestone, they had a decent scoreline against NRG but winning the map was never a thing. Sure, they had a decent showing on their CT side with a 7-8 half but their T side just looked extremely sloppy and lost the map 16-10. All players did frag pretty consistenly on their CT side, but on T side it simply wasn’t good enough. This will cause they problems against teams who have an insane CT side on this map.

We know Renegades’s CT side, if they can hold off OpTic’s insane T side then why not AGG’s? We saw AGG’s T side against NRG and it was far from impressive, as I mentioned earlier, it looked rather sloppy with some misscalls by Ocean, pretty much shows us that AGG rarely play this map and don’t really practise it either. Due to that, I expect Renegades to take this one fairly easily.

My odds for this match: Renegades 80:20 AGG

Option 2Skip


Don't waste money on this match.

Second game here is the map that Renegades took down OpTic on last night in impressive fashion. This is also the map that AGG used to always veto before, they are clearly not comfortable on the map, and don’t really know how to play it. Renegades have had a few dodgy results in the past on this map, but overall it suits their team quite well, and I find it hard to believe they will lose this game, unless they have a terrible night and everything goes wrong. Again, MED on RNG or SKIP.

My odds for this match: Renegades 70:30 AGG

Cobblestone is RNG’s best map, they are just great on it and beat teams that are way stronger than AGG, recently won two very convicing matches against Optic Gaming and TSM, it also seems like they have been putting more time into practicing as their recent results are just amazing. AGG are decent but not so good on cobble, their T side against NRG was a complete disaster and it seemed like they had no idea what’s going on, they also lost to CLG who got beaten by Renegades on the exact same map back in November.

Should be an easy match for Renegades, they need to win the upcoming matches in order to qualify for the lan finals, while there’s no chance for AGG to qualify anymore.

My odds for this match: Renegades 80:20 AGG

Option 1Bet Renegades if odds 85% or less

Medium (10%)

medium risk


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