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2016/03/18 01:00 UTC

Winner Renegades

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Renegades vs. Liquid at ESL

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This is the first match on Lounge between these two and here it is on Mirage. Mirage isn’t a map that either team plays much, I think it is mainly due to the fact that most of NA just constantly veto it considering most of them can’t play. However I feel like these two teams are pretty decent on it, they’ve had good showings on the map, more so Liquid than Renegades however. Renegades are meh, they lost it to Cloud9 for god sakes who can not play the map, or well historically could not to save their lives. These two actually played Mirage a month ago, and it ended 16:13 in favor of Liquid and now time has passed by, Liquid has settled in more with the new lineup plus Elige had a nightmare game there. Overall I am a Liquid fanboy, so take my words with caution however I would favor them here. Liquid has not been the most of impressive teams since the arrival of Koosta and S1mple, like not living up to my expectations fully however they are still a really stacked team and have players that can go off and win the game single handedly for them. With Renegades they can more than upset here, however it will come down to if their players will step up. We so often see just a solo carry for Renegades, and that is when they struggle, however when they can get Yam, Azr and Jks firing on all cylinders at the same time, the team becomes deadly and really high up there. Overall, odds are tough for this one due to the inconsistencies, however I favor Liquid at 65-35. The best you can do here is honestly just play the odds.


Simply play the odds here. If Liquid is under 75%, go 5% on them, otherwise 2-3% on Renegades here.

My odds = 65-35 Liquid

My risk = High

My bet = Liquid is under 75%, go 5% on them, otherwise 2-3%

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Renegades 35:65 Liquid

Option 2Bet Renegades if odds 25% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

I feel like the first map in these 2 has to favour Liquid. When they last played, some of the Liquid boys did not show up, and on top of that, they had issues with their IGL. That has now been settled, and nitr0 can focus on playing, and dominating as he was before. Koosta has of course, also had time to settle, and this is good signs for Liquid. Renegades are not bad on Mirage, but it is actually a map they sometimes remove. Their last few games on this map, were losses to Liquid and C9. Overall, I feel like the first game favours Liquid, and I would recommend going LOW on them.

My odds for this match: Renegades 35:65 Liquid


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