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2016/03/13 04:00 UTC

Winner OpTic Gaming
OpTic Gaming

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Renegades vs. OG at ESL

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Find this game incredibly hard to call. Both sides have looked in pretty good form lately, OpTic even more so, and both sides really like to play this map, and it will heavily come down to pistol rounds and who starts CT. I like Renegades a lot, and feel they are under estimated by a lot of people, and since kicking havoc have looked a lot better. OpTic, had a slump for a while, but now are firing. They contain 3 really strong riflers in RUSH, stanislaw, and NAF. These 3 on their own could walk into almost any other NA side. Their only real issue is their consistency. Issues remain surrounding the roster of OpTic, and this worries me a bit. This game in my eyes is 50-50, and with Renegades currently being on 45%, I would JUST about suggest going LOW on them. You could argue for a bet on either, so follow your gut.

My odds for this match: Renegades 50:50 OpTic Gaming

Option 2Bet OpTic Gaming if odds 50% or less
OpTic Gaming

Small (5%)

high risk

First map is going to be on Inferno. Renegades on Inferno seem to be extremely good, infact, I think it’s their best map as of now. They beat both CLG and Dignitas on it recently and especially the Dignitas one, is a real upset. This was on lan, and usually Renegades on lan > Renegades online so that’s a thing to keep in mind. Renegades do seem to have a pretty decent T and CT half, that’s not a thing you can say about all NA teams ..

OpTic on Inferno, their best map and probably the best team in NA on this map. They’ve beaten every single top NA team on it with 16-4 scorelines and seem to really dominate on this map against NA teams. There’s one scary thing about OpTic, they have to start T to get a good half going of 11-4 scorelines if they want to win this one because their CT side, really isn’t that good on this map. They simply rely on their T  side here.

Now, overall OpTic just feel like the way better team but like I said, they rely on their T side whereas for Renegades, they can get rounds on both T and CT so that’s a thing that sort of worries me. My gut really tells me OpTic will take this one though so we’re simply going with OpTic, they don’t have the worst odds either.

My odds for this match: Renegades 45:55 OpTic Gaming


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