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2016/02/21 19:00 UTC

Winner Renegades
Team SoloMid

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Renegades vs. TSM at Dreamhack

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So this is a important match for all teams involved, it is the online qualifier for DreamHack Malmö and every big NA team will be here, hoping to qualify. This TSM is not the Danish guys, not at all, that is Astralis. This is the lineup of Sick, Vice, Semphis, Autimatic and FNS. Now we have not seen much of this team, at all, the only time we have seen them was about a month ago versus Winterfox, where they got quite demolished which is never a good sign. If I was to rate this team, it’s pretty alright, they have some young, good aim talent in Sick and Vice, obviously the ex-Denial partnership who are good players, however not consistent I would not think due to their playstyle. FNS obviously ex of CLG, not sure what to think of him here as he will not be the IGL, Semphis the AWP’er which, I am not a fan of and Autimatic is somebody who when on form, can be quite deadly. Overall this team has a lot of fire power, however their in-game leader, isn’t Semphis or FNS actually, it’s Valens. He is their coach currently and also is calling for them which should be benefitial. Since we have seen so little of this team, I am not exactly sure what to think of here, so I am playing careful, I do not expect too much, however we can not know for sure. It is a BO3 so they can’t really just let Sick and Autimatic go for the entries and what not, however not counting them out.

With Renegades my experiences are pretty split, they literally are either bot or god. They recently replaced Havoc with Utsillo which I feel should be a good move, as all I’ve seen on Havoc’s Snapchat as of recent is him partying and what not, not taking CSGO seriously at all. This is a game that RNG should be winning, they are the better team, however like I said, they can be god awful at times if their individual players do not show up. They have some sick individuals like Yam, Azr and Jks that I am a fan of, however when the trio is quiet, it is usually really tough for RNG to do much, or even when just one of them is landing their shots. If the whole team is landing their shots however, they showed it versus CLG that they can be very deadly. Overall, for me the favorites here at 70-30. It is hard to rate this game given that it is a new team in TSM here, and the fact that Renegades can be so unpredictable, however we just got to wait and see.


Considering TSM is a new team here and I am not entirely sure of what to expect from them, and considering the fact that RNG are really inconsistent, you just have to play the odds here. As long as Renegades are below 76%, I will drop 5% on them, otherwise 2-3% on TSM

My odds = 70-30 Renegades

My Risk = High

My bet = 5% Renegades if under 76%, otherwise 2-3 TSM

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Renegades 70:30 Team SoloMid

Interesting game here that is really important for both sides. Renegades looked really good the other day against CLG and it seems like they are taking things serious now since they picked up USTILO. They felt like a side that was enjoying their new life a little too much and forgot what they were there to do. This has changed, and I expect good things from them as I think they are underrated as players and a team.

TSM we have really not seen anything from. I don’t actually think they will be good at all. They have a lot of skill in Semphis and autimatic, but their side doesn’t feel like a real team. I have also heard other NA sides talking about they have not practiced that much against them and have not seen a lot from them, and this means they probably have not been playing THAT much.

Individually TSM have players who can deal a lot of damage to the Renegade boys, but I still think the Aussies will have too much here, and I expect them to take this 2-0. The question mark over TSM leaves me to suggest only going LOW here as if Semphis can get rolling, this game could be a close one.

My odds for this match: Renegades 70:30 Team SoloMid


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