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IBP Invitational

Best Of 3
2016/03/19 17:15 UTC

Winner Team SoloMid
Team SoloMid

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Renegades vs. TSM at IBP Invitational

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First BO3 of the day for the iBP Invitational. All of today’s matches will be played ONLINE!

Ok so, there has been a H2H match between these two teams which was for EEPL, Renegades won both BO1’s on Train and Cobblestone, neither one of the maps really looked close and seemed like a pretty easy match for Renegades. TSM are still trying to improve with their new roster, the addition of adren feels like an upgrade as of now over vice as he has way more experience, that being said I don’t think they’re capable of beating any Top NA team and might never be able to. They had problems against CoL and actually should have lost that BO3 2-0 but somehow managed to win Train, TSM aren’t impressing me at all so far.

We saw Renegades and they seem pretty consistent, everyone knows where they’re capable of and know they aren’t able to really compete with Top NA teams just yet. The addition of USTILO so far looks good, but Renegades definitely need more practise before they can compete with the Top NA teams. Renegades are obviously the better team here and should be able to win this one fairly easily. It might even be a replay of the EEPL matches a few weeks back. I’m expecting Renegades to win here with a comfortable 2-0 scoreline, it could get 2-1 depending on the maps.

My odds for this match: Renegades 75:25 Team SoloMid

Here we have the opening match of the iBP Invitational Spring.

Renegades are the superior team here by far. They can hold their own with top EU and NA sides, they beat TSM 2-0 last time they met them and just have a much higher skill ceiling.

I cant really say a great deal positive with TSM as of late, if at all. They’ve won a couple of maps against lower tier NA teams and won a lucky BO3 against coL a few nights ago that coL pretty much threw away with an eco round loss at 15-13. They did, however, follow the lucky round up by closing out OT and winning 16-0 on inferno but other than that I really haven’t seen much to write home about from them.

I really don’t think the maps will make much of a difference, which is good because in all honesty i’m not sure how the veto process will go as they seem to be good at similar maps and i’m sure the IGL’s will have done their research with the $15,000 prize pool at stake.

I’d recommend a medium bet on Renegades if their odds stay below around 75% otherwise i’d skip or ICB on TSM.

My odds for this match: Renegades 75:25 Team SoloMid

Option 1Bet Renegades if odds 75% or less

Medium (10%)

medium risk


A BO3 between these two that Renegades should be tidying up pretty neatly. I can see upset potential in TSM, especially if this was a BO1 but BO3 should be a stretch too far for them I feel. I just think that this team does not have enough fraggers in it, they just have too many support/IGL’s and Sick doing it himself is just pushing it. They added AdreN in place of Vice and I mean I don’t even know who is calling for them, and how much they argue over what should be done and what not. FNS, Semphis and Adren, I mean…I don’t see much potential in this lineup if they do not make some significant changes, this roster apart from Autimatic and SicK perhaps just seems like a washed up NA IGL party. Eitherway, with Renegades I feel like the addition of Uustillo is helping them a whole bunch, he has had quiet games, however I still believe he is settling in, however when he is feeling it, he is a monster and I really do think that he has the potential, if not already a really huge part of Renegades. The whole team can be extremely deadly when they are on form, however the onform part is a scary one, as so often, especially vs weaker opposition they just fail to find that form and fail to perform, Azr or Jks 1v5’ing will not do the trick, you need more of your star players turning up and that is when Renegades are at their best. When you see Spunj top fragging or 2nd, you know there is a problem somewhere along the road. TL:DR, 75-25 in favor of TSM, I could perhaps see them doing something here, however I do not think they could all outcall Spunj nor outfrag the Renegades lineup, however what do I know.


Risky medium kinda, if you want to play it safer go low instead however 10% RNG if under 85%, otherwise ICB TSM or skip.

My odds = 75-25 RNG

My risk = Medium

My bet = 10% RNG if under 85%< otherwise ICB/Skip

My advice = Same as my bet, or if not feeling risky, go low instead of medium

My odds for this match: Renegades 75:25 Team SoloMid

Option 2Bet Team SoloMid if odds 15% or less
Team SoloMid


high risk


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