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2016/03/15 00:00 UTC

Winner Renegades

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Renegades vs. WinterFox at CEVO

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So not quite sure if we can expect much from WinterFox here, it’s not Winter anymore so I don’t think they will be able to perform fully anymore. Sorry for the bad jokes, but yes seriously, Winterfox are that kind of a team that you just do not know what you can expect from them. They can be really solid at times, they have the players to be solid, however the performances just are not there most of the time, in fact for their standard of players , the performances tend to be extremely shocking. It does hurt since I’ve had high hopes for this team however they simply fail to deliver, this is also a BO3 meaning that Winterfox’s chances get slimmer and slimmer. With Renegades it’s a lottery in itself too, I honestly think that Renegades’ peak is really high, like really high however they are just not able to consistently come out and play to their peak, not even close. They should have lost Cobblestone to AGG yesterday due to a single performance from RooRoo, however got really fortunate with some of the rounds and managed to close it out. That is just a constant story with Renegades it seems, they are so hot or cold themselves that betting on them as the favorites is a really scary story, however when you see them as a underdog, it can be golden, however that is not the scenario here.

You bunch will probably look at Winterfox’s results and call me an idiot because WFX crushed Luminosity so I mean, WFX best team NA right? No, not at all, ignore the LG matches, that was a complete mess and does not represent anything, poor server, 100 ping vs 30 or whatever, just ignore those. Whenever these two play, it tends to be a complete smacking by Renegades. I just have to stress this enough, this is not a safe match, two VERY inconsistent teams with both high peaks, and this being NA, all it really takes is for the RNG guys to be off form here, so be careful. Overall for me this is hard to make odds for since like I said, these both teams are so up and down, however you’ve got to favor Renegades pretty heavily. I do love Winterfox as an underdog however ,but yeah, 75-25 in favor of Renegades here. You could give Winterfox more however ehhh, I’ve seen them crumble too many times and this is a BO3 so…Just play the odds and approach this carefully, I do have a tingling feeling that Winterfox could do damage here.


This one is a tough one due to like I said the general inconsistencies of both teams. Renegades really should be winning however if Yam, Azr and JKS are quiet here, troubles could arise. 75-25 in favor of Renegades here. 5% on them if they are below 80%, otherwise 2-3% on Winterfox in the hopes of an upset.

My odds = 75-25 Renegades

My risk = High

My bet = 5% RNG if under 80%, otherwise 2-3% WFX

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Renegades 75:25 WinterFox

Option 1Bet Renegades if odds 80% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

H2H between two teams who have had some history against eachother, they played multiple times and I don’t think Renegades lost a single time, these were BO1’s and BO3’s and none of this really looked close if you ask me, Renegades have been dominating against Winterfox everytime. Now overall Renegades are doing a good job in NA, they look good in EEPL with some wins over CLG, Enemy(Selfless), and OpTic. They seem to be fitting well here and can easily compete with the top of NA.

Winterfox have been extremely disappointing, their most recent match was against LG and sure, they won a map but none of that was really because Winterfox outplayed LG, LG just got ddosed bigtime on both maps and still managed to win one, not much can be said about this, Winterfox got lucky is all. Overall Winterfox are just not in a good shape at all, they look shaky and their mappool isn’t that good either, the only map they do seem fairly confident on is Inferno.

All H2H matches went in favour of Renegades and I expect this one to go in favour of Renegades as well. They are simply the better team and are in a good shape. As of now, the odds are a bit too much, they are +85% in favour of Renegades and that’s extremely inaccurate, they do not deserve 85%. IMO Renegades deserve 75-80% max here, so we’re going to play the odds in this one.

My odds for this match: Renegades 75:25 WinterFox

Option 1Bet Renegades if odds 80% or less

Medium (8%)

high risk


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