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2016/04/05 04:00 UTC

Winner 8Minded

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Rival vs. 8Minded at Fragadelphia

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Eh not feeling this matchup, at all. This is pretty important for both teams if I recall correctly, as the winner of this match gets paid the trip to Fragadelphia and what not, a NA LAN so both teams should be trying their best here. On paper, 8Minded are the team to be favored here, however ever so slightly as low tier NA games here, you will not get much apart from these teams, mostly comes down to who is feeling it and is perhaps superior aimwise, however these teams are close in that aspect. 8Minded have been showing us good stuff result wise for some time now, however same can be said about Rival, however once again, got to favor 8Minded.  You may have heard of 8Minded in the name of BMC(Bee’s Money Crew) or MILF most recently, so that should ring a bell. Overall, 60-40 in favor of 8Minded here, skip this.


Skipidy skip skip

My odds = 60-40 8Minded

My risk = High

My bet = Skip, not feeling this bet at all.

My advice = Skip.

My odds for this match: Rival 40:60 8Minded

Pretty important match for both teams, both teams will go to lan and both teams will get money to attend to this lan. The winner gets either; $2500 in Travel Support includes Free Entry OR $1500 in Travel Support includes Free Entry. The loser of this match will get; $750 in Travel Support includes Free Entry. The winner will have to face Obey to decide the 1st and 2nd spot. Again, this match most definitely matters to both teams. Overall it’s a pug team (with some INSANE aim) against an actual team.

This is going to be a BO3 and I’m usually that type of guy who says team > pugs in a BO3 but that didn’t make any sense this entire month. 8Minded (the pug team) really have some insane fraggers and I expect them to take this one to be honest, infact, they should be taking this one. They have the better players and are just looking better overall. Let’s just go with a low bet on 8Minded, don’t go too high.

My odds for this match: Rival 40:60 8Minded

From looking around at both sides, I would have to say on paper,8minded so seem like the better side. I have watched a number of their games, and they have some decent fraggers, and can perform to a decent level when they need too. I don’t know THAT much about their opponent tonight, I will be honest at that. Their results are not that bad though. Beating tectonic and WinOut shows they have a decent enough level, albeit these results were really close. They also did really well one map against Obey, which should not be overlooked. I do think however, that 8minded are of a slightly higher level than Rival, and should be able to take this. LOW on 8Minded, or SKIP.

My odds for this match: Rival 40:60 8Minded


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