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2016/03/14 04:00 UTC

Winner Selfless
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Selfless vs. Cloud9 at ESL Predictions

I don’t understand all that hype about Selfless, they are not even close to being as good as they were with koosta and Lucky, not saying Selfless are bad since they still managed to beat NRG eSports and TSM, but these teams are not as good as Cloud9 at the moment and cache is C9’s best map right now so I wouldn’t really expect much from Selfless here.

Cloud9 should win this match quite easily, however North American best of one matches are always extremely risky and Cloud9 are not very consistent with Stewie2k yet, lost few matches they were supposed to win but overall I’m very confident with them here.

My odds for this match: Selfless 15:85 Cloud9

2nd map is going to be Cache and this is Selfless’s best map along with Mirage. Every single Selfless player can turn on here and can easily topfrag. They managed to take down NRG on this map not long ago and that’s extremely impressive if you ask me. They also managed to beat TSM which isn’t that impressive but also got stomped by AGG on this map, I have to admit, this was one of Selfless’s first matches without koosta. Most teams ban Cache against Selfless in a BO3 as they’re simply extremely strong on it.

Cloud9’s 2nd best map is Cache and they’ve proven us why yesterday, a 16-2 stomp against CoL. The thing is, CoL was just extremely bad, so it’s hard to say anything about that one. A few days ago Cloud9 played against OpTic on the same map and got stomped. The scoreline looks closer than the actual match was, OpTic were up 14-4 at some point and somehow choked but did manage to close it out. Cloud9 couldn’t get a comeback and lost 16-13, not a good showing from Cloud9 at all on Cache and that worries me.

One of Selfless’s best maps but them beating real pro-teams on this map? I haven’t seen that yet, this could potentially their first as Cloud9 themself aren’t in the best shape. I can definitely see Selfless pull out an upset here and IMO the odds are rather a joke. I suggest either skipping this one or go with an ICB / low bet on Selfless depending on the odds. Cloud9 do NOT deserve +70% on this map!

My odds for this match: Selfless 35:65 Cloud9

Option 1Bet Cloud9 if odds 70% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

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