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2016/02/26 19:10 UTC

Winner FSid3

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Selfless vs. FSid3 at MLG

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Well, this match might seem hard for some people mostly because koosta will play with Selfless again, however they have been practicing with Nifty and koosta didn’t practice with Selfless for almost two weeks and they might have some issues when executing new strats which they practiced with Nifty who’s apparently their new fifth.

Basically FlipSid3 are better than Selfless but I’m quite affraid that WorldEdit will struggle to win the duels against koosta and it might look scary for the ukrainian team, another thing is that we have never seen Selfless playing against an European team and it is hard to say how good they are on the international level.

Selfless’s results were quite good back when they played with koosta, they were consistently beating NA’s best teams and pulled off a lot of upsets, the thing is, koosta was the only reason Selfless managed to win so many matches, Selfless lost whenever koosta underperformed and I’m affraid he might not be able to carry them against stronger teams like FlipSid3.

FlipSid3 should be able to win this match as they are simply better and more experienced, especially on lan events like this, but I also expect Selfless to put up a good fight, gonna be a great match to watch!

My odds for this match: Selfless 30:70 FSid3


This one is a bit tricky here. Obviously Koosta is playing for Selfless, or more known as Enemy here due to the MLG ruleset. Now Koosta is, for me at least the best player on that lineup by quite a bit so he does add a whole bunch more chances to the Selfless lineup here, without him I reckon they’d struggle a whole bunch more. The thing is that we have not seen Enemy compete much with any European competition at all, so it is really hard to judge how they fare against Europeans, which is what is making this match difficult. We know how good they are in NA, however how far does that translate? I think they will struggle here, it is a BO1 however so that’s quite handy, however as long as Flipsid3 is on form and firing, I think they should be taking this. WorldEdit is somebody who can most definitely stand up to Koosta here, without a shadow of doubt, and the rest of the Flipsid3 team, I mean I think they are quite a bit better. Selfless obviously has not been practicing with Koosta for the past two weeks or so, however I don’t think it should make too much of a difference, these guys played together for a really long time. I also do think that the guys broke apart on friendly conditions with Koosta, it seems that way via Twitter at least, so there should be no grudges here. Overall, 70-30 for Flipsid3 here. I’d expect them to win here as long as their guys are on form here and not slacking. In a BO1 however, does come down to who hits their shots and wins pistols and what not.


5% Flipsid3 if under 77%, otherwise 2-3% Selfless here.

My odds = 70-30 Flipsid3

My risk  = High

My bet = 5% Flipsid3 if under 77%, otherwise 2-3% Selfless

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Selfless 30:70 FSid3

Koosta playing for his old squad will be interesting, but I still think people are over hyping it. If WorldEdit was in NA, I am sure he would be hyped just as much if not more. Selfless are not a bad side, but they are not the most amazing side either. I can see this map coming down to something like Mirage, Cobble, Train, and I would give Fsid3 the advantage on all of these maps. They have the better players individually, have more experience, and are actually with their full roster. Koosta will have to go massive today if they are to have a chance, as I don’t feel like the rest of his ensemble are good enough to compete or even beat decent international competition.

I am a little worried as FS apparently only just got to the states, but I still believe even if you are a bit tired, you can do things to wake yourself up. I have been jet lagged before, and you might not be at the top of your game, but you can still do things in a semi decent manner. I think even a jet lagged FSid3 should be good enough to take this, and would suggest going LOW on them as things stand.

Edit : With the odds so low on selfless for a bo1, would just go ICB/LOW on them for this game.

My odds for this match: Selfless 35:65 FSid3


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