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2016/02/27 16:00 UTC

Winner TStorm

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Selfless vs. TStorm at MLG

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This one is pretty tough to call. Obviously Selfless is basically ex-Enemy here. From looking at both of the teams results yesterday, it’s kinda hard to take much away from them. For the TempoStorm side, it was so close and each them lost to forcebuys in stupid fashion so many times in that game that I really think it swayed the game a bit, maybe G2 could’ve won heavier, maybe Tempo could’ve won, I’ve no idea, it was a mess, Tempo didn’t impress too much, they were alright however once again they were playing versus Gamers2, a respectable team. Selfless got unlucky that Bondik was on fire, I pointed out Bondik and Worldedit for that match for F3, and those two were the top fraggers which meant tough times for Selfless. Bondik is the only one that really did anything that game tho, the rest were kinda behind by a reasonable margin. At the same time, Koosta and Uber had quiet games, not something you will get everyday. Overall, Enemy has won maps from Tempo before, so they are by no means to be counted out here. I think TS will win here, or should at least, but we never know. 65-35 in favor of TempoHere. The thing about Tempo is, you see them completely demolish NA’s top dogs, however when it comes to the ”easy” matches, they seem to struggle, they struggle to your Tectonics, Obey’s and what not, so it’s tricky of course.


Just 5% Tempo here if under 71% here, otherwise 2-3% Selfless.

My odds = 65-35 Tempo

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Tempo if under 71%, otherwise 2-3% Selfless

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Selfless 35:65 TStorm

I do think and expect Tstorm to take this game, but NME or selfless as they are called, have taken maps off them before, and at 77% odds, this is far too high for a game like this. The real odds for me are 65-35, and the only logical bet you can make here is to go LOW on selfless if Tstorm stay above 70% odds. Both sides had interesting games yesterday, both losing by the same scores, and both playing games they could of won. Tstorm I feel like had the best chance of closing their game out, but showed some inexperience and got ecoed countless times. This really cost them the game in a disappointing manner.

Selfless on the other hand just had a poor CT half. They started really strong, but the T side of Fsid3 was too good for them to handle. On top of that Uber and koosta had really quiet games, and if these had been hitting more shots, they could of for sure taken this game. I would not be surprised if we see Inferno again, as both sides like it.

Like I said above, I do feel like Tstorm will take this game, but the odds for 2 NA sides who have beaten each other in the past is just too bad for a bet on them. Either LOW/ICB on Selfless, or SKIP.

My odds for this match: Selfless 35:65 TStorm


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