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SK Gaming

Operation Kinguin

Best Of 3
2016/02/22 21:00 UTC

Winner SK Gaming

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SK vs. Epiphany at Operation Kinguin

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This is one that SK should simply be winning here. It is a BO3 which I mean, if they lose I will be super surprised. Epiphany are decent, however beating teams like SK on the regular? Ehhh, not feeling it. Like I said in my previous analysis about SK, their players are low on hours, however I still reckon that they should come out on top here. My other only concern is that this is a DingIT matchup and these are just like, the worst to maxbet on for various reasons. I will not personally be maxbetting on this, like no disrespect to SK at all, I do not doubt that they would not throw, however it is DingIT and the opposition may or may not necessarily use external software, or SK simply could not try their best here, not for any particular reason, but because why waste your energy on matches like this. Overall around 80-20 for SK here for me, I like the team, if they are hitting their shots they should take this pretty easily.


Personally I am not going to maxbet this, or go high, simply going to skip as I think DingIT is meh, and I do not like maxbetting on matches that are above 93:7. However, this should be pretty straight forward win for SK, so maxing them here works, if you have a maxbet set and you want to risk it. If you do not have a maxbet set, you can go high on this, but only go high if your high is above 100$, or you will probably not get a return here.

My odds = 80-20 SK

My risk = Low

My bet = Skip

My advice = If ballsy, max SK, if no maxbet set, high SK if your high is 100$+


My odds for this match: SK Gaming 80:20 Epiphany

Simply put, this is a Max for overpay type game or SKIP. With these odds I don’t believe it is worth betting unless you have a Max bet set as you will win almost nothing in return. Epiphany do deserve more odds, but I don’t see them taking this game in a BO3 format against the inform SK side. Either go MED/LARGE on SK with a max bet set, or SKIP this game and save your skins for some where else. If you are doing an accumulator you could add SK to win, or a risky 2-0 win for them for some extra profit.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 80:20 Epiphany


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