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SK Gaming

Operation Kinguin

Best Of 3
2016/03/09 21:00 UTC

Winner SK Gaming

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SK vs. GameAgents at Operation Kinguin

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SK’s most recent match was on lan and we all know how that went. They were extremely bad and just didn’t look on point, they lost to both Vexed and CLG and didn’t manage to qualify for the major which really meant a lot to them. Loads of disappointing tweets from the players, especially the tweet from friis looked like this team were gonna have roster changes but as of now, it all seems quiet. SK are still a really consistent tier2 team online, it just feels like they aren’t the same online. Even though they had a bad time at the qualifier, I still think that they cleaned their minds and will just continue doing what they do best; winning online matches.

We saw GameAgents yesterday and that was rather a joke. It was a BO1 on Mirage and I did ask some Hungarian players what was going on and I basically got enough info about this. GameAgents are a pretty decent tier4 team but it’s not a team who are able to out-frag tier2 teams. I don’t expect them to upset here even when Barcode goes ham.

Should be a fairly easy game for SK.

High (15%) on SK | Skip when +90%

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 85:15 GameAgents

SK had a poor showing recently, more so at LAN, and showed their inexperience in some of their roster and they looked really nervous and scared. It was like they didn’t want to die to ruin a round for their side, when really they should have been focused on winning the game, and taking the match to their opponent. This doesn’t happen to them online, and in the comforts of their homes they always perform a lot better. Here they are up against the average GA side, and honestly this is not a team that should scare SK, and I would suggest going LARGE on SK as I cannot see them losing this game unless something crazy happens.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 80:20 GameAgents

SK is playing very good nowadays. Their last 5 matches were losess, but all the matches were really close, and against tier1-tier2 teams. They lost against Vexed 10-16, and CLG 13-16. Before these matches, they played ESL against fnatic, and they lost it 11-16, it was nice game from SK.

Let’s talk about GameAgents. Im from Hungary, and I know them quite well. They signed KoloRRR, who is a new player in Hungary scene. Never played before in any good team, just Hungary tier3 teams. Ok, there are 2 very good players in Gabesson and Barcode but 2 players is not enough to beat SK. FoDa is a very shaky guy, sometimes he drops 40s, but more times he have -K/D. Yesterday they lost against DeathTrap 6-16, it seems like a joke, but it was real. Mirage is actually one of their best maps.

I dont even think GA have what it takes to win map to be honest, you should go Large on SK (15-20%).

Large (15-20%) on SK


My odds for this match: SK Gaming 80:20 GameAgents


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