eSport betting tips: Against all odds, together
SK Gaming


Best Of 2
2016/04/07 18:00 UTC

Winner HR
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SK Gaming

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SK vs. HR at ECS Predictions

So yesterday I tried going against HellRaisers again and they won another match, I wanted to go with SK Gaming here because I just can’t convince myself that HellRaisers are actually good right now, I mean it’s not even HellRaisers anymore, basically ex-nEophyte/Fraternitas with the addition of ANGE1.

This time I actually think that HellRaisers will win but I’m having some doubts because SK Gaming is a great team and normally they should be favored in this matchup, however their matches against Gambit and AGG are rather disappointing and this is not the same SK Gaming we’ve seen few months back, they used to beat Na`Vi, VirtusPro, mousesports and other great teams, now they can’t even beat mediocre tier 2 teams which is just sad.

HellRaisers are doing really well right now, winning Copenhagen Games 2016 was quite big for them and they also managed to take down a couple of great teams such as Ancient, CSGL, AGG and E-Frag for example, the chemistry with the current lineup is insane compared to the one with kUcher, I really like the current team but I’m still having doubts for some reason, it just feels weird seeing HellRaisers beating all those amazing teams.

So this time HellRaisers are facing a tougher opponent, this is also a best of two which favors HellRaisers and I expect them to take at least one map after their performance in the previous stages of this qualifier, I’ve got to be serious though, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if SK took this series 2-0, they used to beat the best teams in the world after all. My final decision is a small bet on HellRaisers but it still could go either way so don’t touch it if you can’t afford to lose that bet.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 40:60 HR

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