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2016/01/12 19:00 UTC

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SK Gaming

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SK vs. LDLC.White at APM Predictions

So this is a BO2 between a SK and LDLC. White, I feel the current odds on CSGOlounge are off considering LDLC.White have been known for causing some great upsets in the past.
I can’t see LDLC taking 2 maps against SK but I can see them doing well on there personal map choice, however SK are more than likely going to take 2 maps against them. Personally, I’m going to skip this game as I’m very against betting on 91% odd games and I would suggest for others to skip this game also.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 80:20 LDLC.White

SK: AcilioN , Friis , Pimp , Magiskb0Y , MODDII

LDLC White: matHEND , bodyy , Fuks , to1nou , DEVIL

SK should have this match. They are on winning streak and things look good for them. The only problem with this is that they are heavily favored. At the moment of writing they have above 90% on lounge which makes it not worth betting on.

After winning against Flipside, vexed and Enso i don’t think they will lose 2 maps against LDLC. LDLC only played 2 in the new year and the lost 2-0 against unu.AiN and won 2-0 against Pulse. It looks like at the moment LDLC is not capable of beating SK.

On paper SK should have this and this is why they are heavily favored. I recommend a skip for those who don’t have $300 to risk on a game like this. It is not worth betting on if you don’t have a chance at an overpay. I will personally skip this one.

Good luck!

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 75:25 LDLC.White

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