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2016/03/10 19:00 UTC

Winner SK Gaming

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SK vs. Method at GO:CL

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SK Gaming had a tough series against Game Agents yesterday, it was very surprising as I expected SK Gaming to win the match quite easily but Game Agents put up a good fight and the match was way too close for comfort. Method might be slightly better than Game Agents, but they are definitely not capable of beating SK Gaming with how bad they played in the recent matches, Method lost multiple matches against weaker teams such as nEophyte, Arcade and few better ones like YP and Ancient.

This match is not as safe as the one between dignitas and FM eSports mostly because of the best of one format, however SK Gaming should be able to win this match and Method’s chances are not very good either.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 80:20 Method

SK is overall the way better team but the thing I want to remind here is that this is going to be a BO1 and SK looked extremely sloppy yesterday, it really should have went to Dust2 and if it did, SK could have lost the BO3 against GameAgents as Dust2 is their worst map. SK got extremely lucky and could have lost 2-1 instead of winning 2-0, they were 14-10 down at some point but still managed to get a 16-14 win so that’s somewhat impressive although, it’s still sloppy.

Method didn’t really look good against YP earlier this week, Cobblestone was somewhat close but Mirage was rather a 16-8 stomp, I still don’t agree about picking up dERZKIY as I think that Method needs an actual fragger who can drop 30 bombs.This line-up just doesn’t look really strong to me.

So again, SK is the way better team and are more than likely to win this one although their match yesterday against GameAgents did somewhat scare me. It was simply way too close and they literally could have lost it. But then again, the map will most likely be Mirage or Cobblestone and those are maps where SK can beat tier1 teams on, the maps they played on against GameAgents yesterday were maps they don’t really like playing so overall that’s an explanation for the sloppy play of SK. I think that SK will pick this one up as im almost 100% certain that the map will be either Cobblestone or Mirage, let’s go with a medium bet on SK for now.

Medium (8%) on SK

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 70:30 Method

SK looked really poor yesterday, and it was honestly a miracle they managed to win. If you look at their results on D2, they are really poor, and I think they would have lose this map if it had come to it. This was painful to watch, and it took some magic from their powers to be able to take it, and I worry for them going into this game. They will need to be on their game if they are to take it. Method are not in the best form either right now, and recently changed out a player to try and fix things. Overall SK are a lot better than Method, and SHOULD take this game. Because it is a BO1, and SK looked poor lately, I would only suggest going MED on SK at the very most here.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 70:30 Method


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