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2016/01/12 21:00 UTC

Winner mousesports

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SK vs. mouz at APM

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Think this match has a really high chance of being 1-1, although mouz looked really bad last time I saw them play, they have been boot camping and you would hope working on things. The balance is off in their squad I feel, with half the team wanting to do the same role, I am curious how things will work out. Their game on Mirage vs CSGL was really poor, but a more free style map they looked good on. Perhaps we will see them become more like G2, on maps where aim is important they will flourish, and others they will struggle. I feel like they need one of their players to do a Maikelele, and change his role if they are to ever be truly successful.

SK last time beat them 16-0 on Train, a game I will never forget due to how embarrassing it was. They have been in good form lately, taking down Enso, Vexed, and FlipSid3, playing well in all of their games. The balance in their roster is good, although I personally believe they were better with CadiaN than Pimp. I think Dignitas looking much better since parting with him shows that perhaps he is not as good as some people think.

Going into this game, you will basically be betting on the side you believe to have a higher chance of winning 2-0. Judging from what we have seen recently, I believe this side to be SK. Mouz could of worked on a lot at their boot camp, but we have yet to see the yield of their work, and as such we can only bet on what we know. LOW on SK, or SKIP. If the odds get TOO bad though then perhaps it won’t be worth it any more.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 60:40 mousesports

I’ll keep it short since this match is about to begin.

To be honest i think mouz might take this one. They didn’t look good with out gob b but it has some time now and they had there time to make the best of it and i believe they tried out a lot of things and are waiting to show it off. I might be completely wrong here but i thought they were on ( or are ) a bootcamp.

SK is playing against LDLC.White at the moment and i’m not to satisfied with how they play. They are on a win streak and had a lot of good games lately but right now it doesn’t look to good. However SK is still a great team and they can take out a broken mouz.

For this match i recommend a skip for those with a low inventory. For the guys that like takings risks i would go low on Mouz. I believe they’ve had enough time and are ready to show what they can do without gob b.

A low bet on mouz for those who like risks otherwise a skip is advised.

Good luck!


My odds for this match: SK Gaming 50:50 mousesports


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