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Balkan Championship

Best Of 1
2016/04/04 19:00 UTC

Winner SMassive

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SMassive vs. Pixel at Balkan Championship

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I’m not that much into best of one matches between bad teams, but trust me, SuperMassive is one of the worst teams I’ve seen in a while, they only played two matches against mediocre teams so far and got absolutely demolished in both, 7-16 against iNation and 3-16 against Deathtrap, terrible is the only word to describe SuperMassive’s performance in these two matches.

Well, Pixel are not great either but at least we know few of their players, they also beat iNation, XPC and few lesser known teams, lost a best of three against Deathtrap but it was very close, they are looking way better than SuperMassive and should be able to win this match, honestly I’d be very surprised if they didn’t.

My odds for this match: SMassive 30:70 Pixel

Option 1Bet Pixel if odds 75% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


No idea why Lounge consistently commits themselves to add these Balkan BO1’s. Straight up, Pixel should win this. Pixel have shown that they are quite decent with some decent results here and there recently, while Supermassive just has been getting trashed all over the place, however their pool of games to evaluate from is a lot smaller than Pixel’s, so that is that. I would favor Pixel by like 75-25 here considering it is BO1, however I do not plan betting here and do not advise the same. After skipping all the Balkan BO1’s with 50-50 odds and such, no chance am I betting on a 80-20 match where I have to go medium/high to earn anything back, just do not think it is worth the risk here, skip. Pixel should win but meh.


Pixel should win, however 80-20 and decreasing in a Balkan BO1, no thanks.

My odds = 75-25 Pixel

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip



My odds for this match: SMassive 25:75 Pixel

This is a match Pixel should be winning, they are the better team and I’d be extremely surprised when they get stomped here. SuperMassive haven’t had the best results either, got stomped by both iNation and DTrap whereas Pixel actually managed to beat iNation. Pixel should win this, but don’t go too high as it’s still a bit risky.

My odds for this match: SMassive 30:70 Pixel

This match SHOULD be an easy match in favour of Pixel. They are the second best Hungarian team after GameAgents. I saw them play at Lan and they’ve growing up very fast, because they got an invite to a tier1-2 pracc group with teams like NiP. They managed to beat XPC and iNation aswell and lost in a pretty close game against DeathTrap. Maybe they will change Matthielele for Res1st, but its not 100% yet.

I dont know much about SuperMassive. They are young skilled players without any experience. They had 2 official Balkan matches before this one but they lost both in one sided games. I have information from a Turkish player that mini can play like a machine, but I don’t think it will be any problem for Pixel. Cant say anything else of that team.

SuperMassive is a top6 team in Turkey but nothing else. Pixel is top2 in Hungary as I said. I know its BO1 and its riskier, but I think Pixel will take it like 16-5.

High (15%) on Pixel


My odds for this match: SMassive 20:80 Pixel

Option 2Skip


Don't waste money on this match.


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