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Space Soldiers

Quickshot Arena

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2015/12/03 17:00 UTC

Winner Space Soldiers

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SpaceS vs. OB at Quickshot Arena

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These teams are pretty similar in the fact that they both have one all star player and the rest of the team is average. SpaceSoldiers have Xantares and OnlineBots have HS, Xantares is arguably better though. These two are almost always on the top of their team’s leaderboard.

These teams actually did meet recently where OB edged out SS in a BO3, winning the third map in OT.
Other recent form for OnlineBots include getting beat by CSGL 2-1, but it was pretty close, with two 16-14s. Then we go back to the Portuguese AT LAN, where they managed to beat Alientech but lost to Publicir and K1ck. These results are a bit underwhelming considering the fact that AT and Publicir both seemed off their game at that LAN, AT especially. So we have seen okay results from them recently.

SpaceSoldiers have been doing pretty good recently. They just beat Neophyte 2-1, losing a map in OT but that last map was a close 16-14.

OB have a strong Dust2 and cache (beating SS on both, and AT on D2), a strong cbbl where they also beat AT, and a decent inferno. SpaceSoldiers have a much better train, and their mirage and overpass do seem to be a bit better. While SS are also strong on D2 I think OB do have the advantage there.

This being a BO1 obviously means upset potential is even more likely for OB. We will probably be seeing a map both teams like, such as D2 or cache, both of which I’d slightly favor OB. The matchup in the end is a complete 50-50, and the team who simply shows up will take it. The two main reasons for betting on OB here are that they did just squeak out the victory over SS, and while SS struggled with Neophyte OB almost took down CSGL.

My odds for this match: Space Soldiers 50:50 OB

Just like the other match between these two teams tomorrow, I think this is slightly favors Online Bots. This is the BO1 match, the game that is first on CSGL. These teams have faced each other before, and those matches are mainly why I’m calling OB to have the advantage here. The first match was a BO1 on Overpass which isn’t that bad of a map for SpaceS. Online Bots don’t necessarily play Overpass a lot so that was a pretty impressive match for them. They won 8-16, and it was about a month ago. More recently Online Bots beat Space Soldiers 2-1 in a BO3. It was extremely close, but it shows that OB can definitely beat them. Online Bots just played a match today against CSGL. It was really close, and they ended up losing 1-2. However I didn’t expect them to do that well, and up until now I really have underestimated them. While they did lose they played really well.

If SpaceS win this, it will most likely be because of Xantares. OB have some great players like FejtZ and HS, but it won’t matter if Xantares plays insanely well. Xantares has always been SpaceS’s star player, and if he plays great again tomorrow I can see SpaceS taking this. Map wise SpaceS should be favored on Train, Cobble, and Mirage while OB should be favored on Cache, Overpass, Dust2, and Inferno.

Online Bots really should be slightly favored. Winning 3/4 maps against SpaceS is pretty good. This is the BO1 match so it will be more risky than the BO3, as winning two pistols nearly means you winning the game. Right now SpaceS is favored, but the odds probably won’t stay that way. Good luck!

My odds for this match: Space Soldiers 47:53 OB

This is the first of the two matches that SpaceS and OB will play against each other today. This is a BO1 for the Quickshot Arena and it’s definitely not safe to go big on this match. However, I would suggest you watch to see how the players play in this match to determine your bet for the next game that they’ll be playing (which will be a BO3).

Space Soldiers

Space Soldiers has risen to T3 fame after their main fragger, XANTARES literally carried the team to partake in online events. Many have called him a hacker but him and his team put a lot of work into practice and deserve to be where they are currently sitting. Their most recent match was against the new Serbian nEophyte which resulted in a 2-1 for the Turks.


The OnlineBots are also a semi-famous team, after accepting an offer to throw by a big time bettor but then proceeded to win the match and expose the person paying them to throw. These guys are not a bad team at all and they show a damn lot of potential. They recently attended a very small and local LAN, where they won both of their match played against fellow Estonian team ‘DICKHOUSE’ and the Lithuanian GameplayDNA.

Today, we saw them play against CSGL where they lost 1-2 but even taking a map off a T2 team like that is a good result for them. It just goes to show that with some practice and good results like that, a future for this current lineup exists.

Previous matches together

Seeing as they will play a BO3 directly after this BO1, I thought I would put some more relevant information like previous match ups together. On the 30th of November, OnlineBots won against SpaceS 2-1 in a BO3 with OnlineBots coming together to win two maps in a row after losing the first map.

In early November, OnlineBots won a BO1 against SpaceS on Overpass rather convincingly, 16-8.

Final thoughts and advice

This is a very random game. It is a BO1 for Quickshot and there’s no telling who will come out of this as the victor. To add insult to injury, the map is TBA and when it’ll be decided, it’ll be to late to place a bet or to switch it. I would go low on the underdog here, not too much but just a little something if you have some spare change.



My odds for this match: Space Soldiers 60:40 OB


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