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Counter Pit League

Best Of 2
2016/01/07 00:00 UTC

No Winner Announced
compLexity Gaming
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compLexity Gaming

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Splyce vs. coL at Counter Pit League Predictions

This match is very risky and will probably end up being a draw, however, compLexity’s new lineup looks amazing, the addition of ryx and SicK is a huge upgrade for the team, their fragging power is just insane right now.

compLexity played six matches with this lineup so far, they won four of them beating teams like Animosity, Formal eSports, Insolent and 1017 meme squad, lost 0-2 against Obey and 14-16 against Animosity, all those matches were played in the qualifiers for MLG Minor and compLexity did not qualify in the end.

SPLYCE don’t have an official fifth yet, they used DAVEY in their match against WinterFox and I’m pretty sure he’s gonna join the team as he used to play with them before joining Method, their current lineup is very strong and they had a couple of decent results already, SPLYCE managed to take down Liquid 2-0 and played a close best of three against Conquest, wabbit was still in the roster back then so their lineup was a little bit different, I personally think that DAVEY is way better and more experienced than wabbit, definitely an upgrade for the team. SPLYCE played one match with DAVEY so far, it was a best of two against WinterFox which they tied 1-1, WinterFox won 16-9 on inferno while SPLYCE destroyed them 16-4 on cache.

Overall, compLexity looks way better when it comes to fragging power, their lineup is superior compared to SPLYCE’s, but I wouldn’t give them 70% here, this match is more like 60-40 for compLexity and SPLYCE could easily upset them here. I’d suggest a small bet on SPLYCE here, the odds are pretty sweat.

My odds for this match: Splyce 40:60 compLexity Gaming

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