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Counter Pit League

Best Of 2
2016/01/27 02:30 UTC

Winner NME

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Splyce vs. NME at Counter Pit League

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Enemy improved so much lately, they are clearly one of the best teams in North America right now and recently managed to win the MLG Minor where they beat Leader-1, Winterfox and SPLYCE twice, that was by far the biggest win in Enemy’s career as this tournament had a $50,000 prize pool and a spot in MLG Columbus Major qualifier.

SPLYCE’s lineup is very strong but their results are surprisingly bad, they lost against Enemy eSports, Games Academy, Leader-1, struggled against few very bad teams and somehow managed to upset OpTiC Gaming, no idea how did this even happen as I didn’t watch this match. SPLYCE seem to be very inconsistent and that’s always quite scary for bettors but I don’t think they could upset Enemy with a 2-0 score, this is a best of two series and it always favors stronger teams, Enemy should be able to win at least one map here.

My odds for this match: Splyce 30:70 NME


Splyce didn’t manage to qualify for MLG Columbus as they lost to GAcademy. GAcademy played great obviously, but Splyce themselves made a lot of mistakes. DAVEY wasn’t the real DAVEY we know, infact, he was bottomfragging on Cache where they lost 16-12. Splyce, after them upsetting OpTic at Minor couldn’t continue their amazing streak. And are looking rather chaotic right now.


Enemy are just amazing. I can safely say that they managed to win Minor without any problems and are now qualified for MLG Columbus. Every single player on Enemy has been stepping up, koosta, uber, and even mainline performed really well at Minor. He was infact the 3rd best player at Minor behind Koosta and Uber with a rating of 1.20 which is really nutty against teams like Winterfox and Splyce. Enemy are on point, and I have high expectations from this team, possibly one of my favourite NA teams.


The last H2H match was at Minor and Splyce got annihilated here by Koosta. I think this will be a replay of Minor. I don’t think Splyce have anything to bring really. I’m expecting NME to win this.


Alright so, currently the odds are 76-24 in favour of Enemy. If they stay below 85% then you’re able to drop a high / medium bet on Enemy. IF they get over 85% then make sure you SKIP!

Good luck!

My odds for this match: Splyce 25:75 NME


So Splyce is a tricky one to be quite honest. They have potential to be quite a decent team, and have shown in the past to be decent, with some good results, however at the same time they tend to be quite meh at times. A player that to be specific stands out to be is JasonR, just not a fan of the guy overall and feel he is a bit of dead weight for the team. Davey can go nuts at times, and if Splyce want to do anything here, he will need to perform. Splyce definitely has a shot at this, however in a BO2, a 2-0 is quite unlikely, I’ll explain more further down.



 I’ve been following Enemy quite closely ever since they picked up Relyks which has been for some time now. They had quite a rough patch, constantly getting their asses whooped at the start of their time, however they definitely have come a long way since then – And it is definitely showing right now. Previously it was simply Koosta carry, will Koosta show up and win the match single handedly for Enemy? No? Well then Enemy lose, or 95% of the time. I feel like recently we have seen the whole team step up and contribute a lot more than ever before, especially Relyks and Uber to me stand out from recent performances, excluding Koosta of course.  Of course Koosta has retained his somewhat God status, the guy honestly needs to get patched, he is so insanely good, and if he is on form here, I’d be worried for Splyce. Also – Looking at past matchups, it appears that Splyce is kinda Koosta’s playground, he seems to do rather well versus them whenever they meet eachother, which is another worrying factor for Splyce. Overall, Enemy has been improving a lot, they just recently won the NA Minor Championship with rather ease, which just shows that they have been working hard, and it definitely is paying off.


The tricky part here is that, put it simply, the odds aren’t very good, however for a good reason I guess. Currently they are hovering around 80-20 in favor of Enemy, I’d personally would put this at 70-30 in favor of Enemy, 10% difference is quite a bit to be honest, especially in NA matchups and I am just not sure if I can justify a bet on Enemy here. It is a BO2 matchup, which does mean that if the game ends in a 1-1, skins are returned to the owners, hence why the odds are so one sided, people feel more secure, and to be completely honest, Enemy should be strong favorites to pickup at least one map, if not both here, if going by form, and on paper players.  Splyce is not bad by any means, I would not put it past them to upset here if we see a quiet Koosta and the the rest of Enemy just is not there, which can happen, however the Splyce guys have to put up a big performance here.


I recommend simply playing the odds here. I’ll edit this post when there is about 40~ minutes left until the game left with my bet – However what I basically recommend is, go low(2-3% of betting inventory) on Splyce unless they go above 26%, in which scenario I would, and will drop 7-10% on Enemy, depending how risky you want to get. I don’t see Splyce getting a major odd increase however, more like a decrease, but only time will tell. This is not the best of matches to make money on, however gotta work with what we are given.

Edit: Odds improved for Enemy, which means that at where they stand now, I will be going 7% on them, and advise the same. 

My odds =  70-30 Enemy

My risk = Medium – BO2 adds a cushion of safety.

My bet = Waiting for odds to settle. EDIT: As said, updating now that odds settled. Got good for Enemy, therefor going 7% on them.

My advice = Play the odds.  – Follow the ”Bet” section. EDIT: As odds stand right now, 7-10% on Enemy.

Sidenote: Glad to be back to Hub. Hope it all works out, and hopefully I can make you guys some profit 🙂 If you want, follow me on Twitter to ask questions or whatever, but lets just hope for a good time together 🙂

My odds for this match: Splyce 30:70 NME


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