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2015/12/18 01:00 UTC

Winner NME

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Splyce vs. NME at Faceit

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Honestly is a match I’ve been watching all day, and one that should be really close. I think this game could go either way. Both are inconsistent teams, both are upcoming teams, both have strong riflers and good AWP’s, we are in for a treat boys.

Staring with Splyce, their form has been kind of up and down. Before the LAN, they had a really poor game against Denial, and I honestly don’t know what they were doing. Moving on from that, they have been playing well. They beat CLG, they beat Denial, and then they had a really poor loss against Method in what was a really important match. The main issue I have with them is the consistency. Sometimes ptr is really good, and honestly sometimes he sucks. The same can be said for almost all of their roster, and this is their biggest problem.

The same can almost be said for NME, however they have been looking really impressive as of late. They are an NA side that focuses on good coms and teamwork over almost anything else, and this is really refreshing to see. Koosta is a great player, and so is MAiNLiNE. I really like their roster, and they have been putting on good performances lately.

In my eyes, I would actually favour NME a bit for this match, with the real odds being 55-45/50-50, and as they are currently the underdog, I personally feel they make for a good underdog bet. Even if the odds move to 50-50, when I first saw this game today, I fancied the chances for NME. It is still going to be a really close match, and could go either way, so realise that when you bet.

My odds for this match: Splyce 50:50 NME

This match is very hard to call, mostly because of the “NA Shuffle”, a lot of teams are about to do roster changes and rumor has it that SPLYCE are about to disband too.

Overall Splyce seems to be a better team, their lineup is better when it comes to experience as pretty much everyone played on the top level before, their recent results were quite shaky though, they got 2-0’d by Method yesterday, 2-0’d Tectonic but struggled a bit on mirage as they went 4-11 on the t side and barely managed to come back to win it on overtime, other than that, Splyce 2-0’d CLG although pita was playing instead of FNS and he was bottom fragging on both maps which costed CLG the match. I’m quite affraid that Splyce might be careless in this match, they didn’t make it to ESEA Professional and will stay in Premier for another season, that’s very demotivating for the players and the rumor about them disbanding might be actually true.

Enemy pulled off a massive upset yesterday, they demolished Cloud9 2-0 in the first round of ELEAGUE’s qualifier, both maps looked very easy for Enemy as they won 16-10 on cobblestone and 16-8 on inferno, they were even leading 10-1 on the t side of inferno at some point, they also destroyed Denial, Method and CLG, lost a couple of close matches against stronger teams such as Renegades, Conquest and Team Liquid. Enemy are improving really fast, they might become one of the best teams in North America in no time.

This match is pretty much a 50-50, I’d suggest a small bet on Enemy as their odds are surprisingly low and I have a strong feeling they will take this.

My odds for this match: Splyce 50:50 NME


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