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Counter Pit League

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2016/02/05 03:15 UTC

Winner NRG eSports
NRG eSports

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Splyce vs. NRG at Counter Pit League

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So after these guys demolished Enemy, causing me to lose a maxbet, I sat down and considered this team, where I went wrong about them and just took everything in. These guys aren’t even bad to be honest, I kinda underestimated Gob B and Legija, but then I remembered this is tier 2 NA, like Gob B and Legija at one point were on teams that were close to tier 1, sure Legija a bit longer ago than Gob B, but still, they most definitely have the skill ceiling and even further, they have a brain which many of the NA teams seem to lack, and with Gob B being able to bounce off ideas off of Legija, it definitely does help him I feel. Ptr is nutty when he is on form, solid AWP’er and Just9n and Silent are good fraggers when on form too, they don’t hit form too often, nor do I think their decision making is always the brightest, but hey they headshot and I can’t complain much over that. So overall I feel this team has a pretty solid balance of fraggers and strats, so they most definitely have potential and they have shown it too, obviously with the 2-0 over Enemy, but also with the 1-1 tie with Winterfox, which really, really should have been 2-0 however some of the rounds NRG lost on their CT side, I will never understand, 2-4 retakes, 2v5 retakes and what not, just poor on the retake and high advantage situation, however obviously you can’t bank on losing/winning those everyround, so a bit of a fluke on Winterfox’s part.

Of course NRG has their problems, obviously they are a mix of Europeans and Americans here, so language barrier is there, Gob B isn’t the most proficient English speaker out there, I’m not sure about Legija, he has been coaching teams like FaZe and what not, so I expect his English to be good. Also we have not seen too much from NRG, but from what we have seen it’s been impressive, but obviously I do not want to jump onto every sort of hype train and just all in them every game because they are the new hope of NA, no, that would not be wise. Going to have to wait off a little bit more, and just see where exactly these guys stand. They are my favorites going into this matchup, form wise alone and you could even argue skillwise too. It’s a BO2 and I mean, one map should not be too hard for NRG here as long as they show what they have been showing the past few games they’ve played.


Splyce I have been covering quite a bit recently, and honestly as match and match goes on, they seemingly impress me less and less, except Davey, that guy never fails to amaze, well most of the time. I honestly think that Splyce just needs some more firepower, they have some good players, but they are just really meh quality and I do not necessarily think they have the potential to go much further with the current lineup, they are kinda stuck in the mud I feel. They rely a bit too much on Davey to make plays for them, while others can step in to, like Professor Chaos and Arya especially, it just isn’t enough I don’t feel. They are the kinda upset potential team, no matter who they play they have the potential to go off and upset, however them going any further, eeh. Apparently Splyce can not quality further for this tournament, so even if they win this it’s pretty much pointless, so I am not entirely sure how motivated and determined Splyce will be in this matchup. I also saw Davey tweet a kinda, tough to understand tweet, he said he is having oral surgery today, but then follow by ”Ya im kidding”, no idea what to make of that but yeah, something to throw out there. Overall my confidence in Splyce is not the greatest here, I do not want to underestimate them, but them getting 2 maps here versus a really strong looking NRG, eeh.


So overall, probably going to be treated to a yet another classical 1-1 draw here, however I feel like if either team is going to pull out both maps here, it’s gotta be NRG. They just seem so much more impressive form wise as of recent, however we have barely seen them, but they do look good, and you could also argue that individually on paper they are stronger here too. You just need to be hoping the players are on form really, if NRG can keep Davey and perhaps Arya quiet, I don’t see them having much of a chance here. This is without a doubt a high risk game, however going to favor NRG here, 65-35. Don’t want to jump onto the NRG hype too much, but it’s hard not to when you look at the current situations of both teams.


I am not 100% if I will bet on this, just depends if I am feeling it, however if I am, and the bet I would advise to make here is to just play the odds with a low, 5% bet. As it is a BO2, if it ends in 1-1 the skins are returned so that adds a cushion of safety. As long as NRG are below 72%, I will drop 5% on them, if they are above that however, I might ICB on Splyce. Advise doing the same here.

My odds = 65-35 NRG

My risk = High

My bet = Playing odds, 5% on NRG if under 72%, otherwise ICB/Skip Splyce

My advice = Same as my bet


My odds for this match: Splyce 35:65 NRG eSports

NRG have looked better recently than I actually expected. Taking down NME and a 1-1 draw against WFX were good results, and it seems like under the leadership of gob b they are really taking shape, and actually will be a decent side, which is not that I expected.

Splyce are a side you never know what you will get. They are so up and down it is almost impossible to predict that they will do. They could come into this game and be terrible or they could destroy NRG and people will think what happened to these guys. The main reason I am feeling they won’t tonight is a tweet from abE. DAVEY had mouth surgery this morning, and I find it hard to believe he will on his A game tonight. On top of that, abE is also sick and they said they will do their best but it does sound like they are recommending people not to bet on them.

I do feel like in a BO2, your skins should be fairly safe on NRG and they should be able to take 1 map here. It is still NA and as such I would only suggest going LOW on NRG, or SKIP and save your skins for tomorrow if you don’t like a risk.

My odds for this match: Splyce 30:70 NRG eSports


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