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2016/02/17 05:00 UTC

Winner OpTic Gaming
OpTic Gaming
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OpTic Gaming

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Splyce vs. OG at ESL Predictions

Once again a bit behind for NA today, so gonna keep this shorter.



So to start off, this is the first matchup on Lounge between these two, map is Cache. Cache is that sort of a map that just any NA team knows how to play, it is their go to map so to speak. These two actually played Cache between themselves exactly a month ago, which OpTic took 16:5, due to them mainly having 13 T rounds on the first half, really impressive stuffs there. Splyce in general when you look at their history do not look the best on Cache, however they obviously know how to play it, they’ve played this lineup on it twice, lost both times. This is a NA BO1 and honestly it just comes down to who is feeling it between these two teams, I do favor OpTic as I think they are the better team, and Splyce just rely on Davey a whole bunch too much, and if he is failing for form the whole team falls behind. It also seems, statwise that Cache is not a map that is very good for Davey, he seems to be either hot or really cold on it, and more often than not is cold on it, so that is another worrying sign. Overall for me this is a 65-35 in favor of OpTic here. high risk game so be careful. BO1’s can really go eitherway, especially when teams are so closely matched as these ones.


Just going to play the odds here. As long as OpTic is below 72%, I will go 5% on them, otherwise if they are above it, 2-3% on Splyce here.  low bets only as it is a high risk game.

My odds = 65-35 OpTic

My risk = High

My bet = 5% OpTic if below 72%, otherwise 2-3% Splyce

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Splyce 35:65 OpTic Gaming

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