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2016/03/23 04:00 UTC

Winner Renegades

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Splyce vs. Renegades at ESL

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BO1 on Inferno, Splyce on Inferno is literally the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. They can completely turn on here and destroy you but they can also go completely off and get 16-1’ed by AGG (yes that happened). They are possibly the most inconsistent team on inferno in the world, and that’s a whole achievement. Anyway, overall Inferno is possibly Splyce’s worst map, they do play it sometimes but when they do, they usually lose with quite some scoreline, they simply aren’t good on this map. Renegades on this map seem actually quite consistent, next to Train it looks like Inferno may also be added to the list for Renegades. They actually do have some impressive scorelines on this map, 16-6 against AGG, 16-9 against Winterfox, not bad at all. Inferno is a really good map for Renegades and I expect them to take this one fairly easily.

My odds for this match: Splyce 25:75 Renegades

The second map for these two is a map I even more heavily favour Renegades. They really like this map, and the times I have watched Splyce on it, they have not overly impressed me. They did have a good win against AGG, but they also got smashed just a few days later on the same map. They are highly unpredictable, and I would really surprised if Splyce could find enough here to take this map. Renegades have shown in the past, they can have good T sides on this map, and Splyce to be honest have not really shown this. With this being a heavily CT biased map, a strong T side is vital to give you the advantage, and for me Renegades will have this and take this map fairly comfortably. MED on Renegades seems to be the only logical bet.

My odds for this match: Splyce 30:70 Renegades


Second match of the day between these two and we are in Inferno. Splyce on Inferno is a nono. Renegades don’t play it too much however they seem pretty decent from the results we have. Like I said previously in my analysis, Renegades are really hit or miss. They can compete with NA’s best at times, however at times they lose out to TSM in a BO3. With Splyce they are preparing for the major they have in a week, so I expect them to be warmed up individually at least, however not sure how much they will want to show here. With Renegades I feel it just depends if their star players show up, if AZR, Yam and Jks are firing hard, they will win, however if not which they often times don’t, Renegades can and will struggle hard. Overall 75-25 in favor of Renegades here, play the odds with a low bet as it still is a NA BO1.


5% Renegades if below 80%, otherwise 2% Splyce here.

My odds = 75-25 RNG

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Renegades if below 80%, otherwise 2% Splyce here.

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Splyce 25:75 Renegades

Option 2Bet Splyce if odds 20% or less

Small (2%)

high risk


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