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Counter Pit League

Best Of 2
2016/01/04 05:00 UTC

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Splyce vs. WinterFox at Counter Pit League

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Not much to say here really, a best of two between two mediocre teams from the North American region, SPLYCE is ex-Dogmen/3sUP with a couple of small changes, they recently replaced mOE with Professor_Chaos and got rid of wabbit, the fifth for today is unknown. SPLYCE are very inconsistent and they don’t seem to practice much, most of their players are currently at 20-30 hours played in the past two weeks, most likely due to Christmas and holiday. SPLYCE pulled off a massive upset against Liquid as they managed to take them down 2-0 very convincingly – 16:5 on cache and 16:8 on dust2, other than that, their results were pretty bad, they lost against ACE Gaming, Nexus Storm and got 2-0’d by Conquest.

WinterFox are not that good either, they barely 2-0’d Method with two stand ins, got 2-0’d by ex-SPLYCE, dropped a map against JustMakeitFast which is launders’s team, however, there were a lot of cheating accusations on JMIF’s players, WinterFox also beat Denial 2-1 and lost 1-2 against Method. WinterFox seems to be more of a solid team rather than a random mix like current SPLYCE, their map pool and recent results also looked better overall.

I believe WinterFox will take at least one map here, I would suggest a small bet on WinterFox.

My odds for this match: Splyce 35:65 WinterFox

Two sides that are famously inconsistent going up against each other in a game that could really be a snore fest, or an interesting one. We will have to wait and find out. The new Splyce roster, recently joined up with this org, having previously been named as Dogmen and 3sUP. They were a side famous for sometimes upsetting the top teams, and in other cases being really poor. They recently parted ways with Wabbit who apparently quit to focus on school, and last I heard DAVEY will be playing with his old roster. This will probably mean PC will move to the AWP role, which is better for him.

WF are a hard team to predict. On paper, their side isn’t that bad, and has some good experience. The main thing they lack is fragging ability and discipline. If you wait long enough one of them will peak and this costs them a lot of matches. The inconsistency of literally all of their roster is a big problem too. LeX can be good or really bad, flowsicK is always kind of average, XP3 is solid but nothing special, desi peaks far too much and can die stupidly, and anger is incredibly inconsistent as well.

Going into this game, is literally a match between two sides I don’t like betting on, in a game format that makes it less likely you will win anything. If I had to pick one side I thought had a higher chance of winning 2-0, I would probably pick WF, but betting on either here is risky, and the odds are not the best. My odds would be 65-35 in favour of WF, so in a BO1, I would go on Splyce, in a BO3, I would skip, and in a BO2, it is hard to call. You can SKIP because it is too risky a game, go on WF because they are more likely to win 2-0, or go on Splyce purely to play the odds. When for me there is no clear idea of who to bet on or what to bet, I usually just SKIP, so will be doing the same here.

My odds for this match: Splyce 35:65 WinterFox

Splyce recently replaced their lineup with a team of players coming from a lower tier NA team, Dogmen. The talent on this team is occasionally surprising, seeing how they can occasionally upset the top NA teams such as Liquid and CLG, although be it once in a blue moon. The thing that worries me about this lineup is the missing 5th player with speculation, having it be Davey, although I can’t tell for sure who it’s going to be. The new Splyce lineup isn’t looking to disappoint their new organization, so expect this lineup to perform their hears out during this game. Splyce should be winning at least 1 map in this BO2.

On the other hand, we have Winterfox, a team full of talent that never performs as greatly as they should. The talent is spectacular, seeing how they have some of the best NA riflers being Anger and Lex along with a strong AWPer, FlowsicK. This team should be the “NA Hope” although performs worse than the top 5 NA teams. Losing to teams such as ex-Splyce, 3sUP and Method. Winterfox is extremely disappointing seeing how they perform on a regular basis, which means no one should be surprised if they lose one map or even lose this entire BO2. Winterfox is being over estimated, and we should be taking advantage of that.

With Winterfox being a disappointing lineup and Splyce being an inconsistent mess although pumped to be signed to a new org, each team should be winning at least one map in this BO2. If anything, a small bet should be placed on Splyce in this game.

Recommended Bet: SMALL SPLYCE

My odds for this match: Splyce 45:55 WinterFox


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