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D!ngIT Asia Invitational

Best Of 1
2015/12/11 13:00 UTC

Winner SR
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SR vs. InsidG at D!ngIT Asia Invitational Predictions

Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. This time it will be between SkyRed and insidious. It is a best of 1 and the map is TBA. This match up is quite tricky. The odds are out of shape which make it harder to decide if you should bet or not.

We haven’t seen Skyred for some time. They are still an active team but i don’t know if they played any matches. I tried to look it up but without any results.

Hours of Skyred :

cLb : unknown.
crazyguy : 67.3h
Zac : 31.1h
d@rklord : 59,9h
JohnnyP : 44.5h

Skyred played Insidious before. They completly rekt them with a score of 16-5. However this is some time ago. After that match we haven’t seen Skyred winning anything in official matches.

Hours of Insidious :

bennyb : Unkown
Benkai : Unkownsplashske : 22.7h
dejavux : 31.3h
zhsl : 19.2h

Insidious is on a whole other level. They are not as good as Skyred. They had a good game against Tyloo. However i felt like Tyloo was trolling around a bit. That match ended in a 16-14 in the favor of Tyloo.

We saw insidious play against Expendables. They looked decent and they win with a 2-0 score. Insidious also played TheMongolz and got completely rekt.

Since these teams are kind of hard to predict a skip is always the best option. However if we take a look at the last ours and the stats of the players we could say Skyred should take it. On paper skyred just looks better. They have better stats overall.

In a best of 1 format it is always hard to decide. I would skip this match. I bet on skyred could be called ”safe” they just look better but the odds are not worth the risk of a best of 1.

So again. Skip it. If you really want to bet i would go on skyred. Max a medium bet since it is a best of 1 and we haven’t seen these teams for some time.

Good luck!




My odds for this match: SR 65:35 InsidG

Predictions Status:
Mr. SlothMr. Sloth Suggests skipping this match

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