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Hitbox Challenger

Best Of 3
2016/04/05 20:00 UTC

Winner Empire

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T123 vs. Empire at Hitbox Challenger

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Alpha team will be using cadiaN as a stand-in today, instead of AcillioN. Although I don’t think he is that great a player, he does seem to improve sides when he plays with them, and he does seem to always try. The rest of the roster should be mertz, SandeN, holzt and BERRY. They are not bad players, and the experience of cadiaN will help for sure. Empire are a side I find hard to predict. They seem really impressive one game, and then really poor the next. Their recent results sort of reflects this. Losing to Torpedo and RCTIC, but destroying k1ck. Overall, you would have to give Empire the slight advantage here, but not by much. With the experience in the Alpha roster, and the unpredictability of Empire, I feel like the best option here is going LOW on Alpha to take this, but only a small 3% bet.

My odds for this match: T123 45:55 Empire

Option 1Bet T123 if odds 40% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

The thing here is; Everytime I predict an Empire match, they manage to somehow disappoint me. They will be facing an upcoming Danish team right now with some real talent, this is also the Hitbox challenger cup, the cup where Empire lost to Planetkey but also the cup where T123 got stomped by Epsilon (not a shame though). I overall do expect Empire to win this as they are the better team and do have the better players overall and they are bootcamping right now so they really want to take stuff serious and become an actual pro-team it seems.

T123 on the other hand are basically a Danish mix team with as I said, some real talent. It seems like cadian will be stepping in for rezex and rezex was the IGL, cadian should be the IGL for this match and he isn’t a bad one. SandeN will be playing as well, last week AcilioN was stepping in for him and IMO SandeN > AcilioN when it comes to mix-teams. Overall this line-up isn’t bad but then again, it’s a pure mix with some OK aim, hard team to predict.

This is a really hard one to predict, historically Empire as overdogs vs. lower tier teams never came out as the winner, they usually lose these kinds of matches and T123 are no joke either, sure, it’s a mix but not ”just’ a mix, they have cadian, sanden and mertz and these 3 players can be nuts when on point. The thing is that Empire did lose their most recent match in the Hitbox challenger but this was in the upper-bracket, this is the lower-bracket so basically when they lose this, they’re eliminated from the tournament, overall a tournament they can win fairly easily as the opponents aren’t that good (all tier3). I’m going to play the odds for this one.

My odds for this match: T123 35:65 Empire

Option 2Bet T123 if odds 30% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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