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Winter Classic

Best Of 1
2016/02/05 05:30 UTC

Winner GAcademy

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Tectonic vs. GAcademy at Winter Classic

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GA are one of my favourite sides, I feel like they have a lot of individual skill, and they can really be a top NA side. They had a surprising loss the other day, but it just goes to show you that they are still finding their feet with boltz and felps and it will take time.

Their opponent tonight is apparently Drone, zecK, impsta, dmize, steno. Now honestly the few times I have seen these boys play, they were really average. There was nothing special going on and nothing to suggest they could take down GA. But this is a BO1, and this is NA, and if GA are off their game in anyway, then this game could be dangerous. I do feel like on skill alone GA should easily take this game, but you should proceed with caution.

The safest bet is to SKIP here, but if you had to bet, I would honestly go on GA as if they play how they can do, they should have a walk in the park here.

My odds for this match: Tectonic 30:70 GAcademy


So Tectonic is not bad at all to be honest, they have some very recognizable names within their roster, and those guys have been around for quite some time too. The thing is, I think that Tectonic is alright with teams around their skill ceiling, and Games Academy may be in the same ESEA league as them, however not in the same skill ceiling I do not think. This is a BO1 however, so I mean Trifecta does have a chance. I just do not think that Trifecta have the overall skill and just overall fragging power to beat Games Academy here, nor are they very good in the tactical side of things. They will need Drone and Steno to go absolutely mad here I feel, and I mean it is a BO1 as I said, so by no means is it not possible for them to upset here. There is not much else to really say about Trifecta to be honest, I just don’t necessarily see them as being good enough to win these consistently, however a one off thing is not impossible, so I’ll get into that more.

Games Academy

So as I already mentioned above, Games Academy is in the same ESEA league as Tectonic here, however the thing is, they just absolutely mow everybody in this league, it’s not even funny. Last season they had like an insane record, but obviously that was with FNX and Taco, who are gone now so that is quite a downgrade, however they seem to still be going strong which is always good. So obviously Games Academy is the Brazilian team that lives together/near with Luminosity, and Fallen is basically the owner of these guys, I’m not 100% how the whole thing works but it’s something like that. Thing with Games Academy is that they put in a lot of work, they all live together and play in the same room, practice and what not so that is always good. These guys are really committed to what they do, and it does pay off for them, whenever I see them play they are really impressive and have shown time after time that they are definitely a team to lookout for. They have had some shaky results however so I am not going to get too confident, I do however think that as long as Games Academy are on point here and are landing their shots, this is a matchup they should be taking quite comfortably, around 16:9 perhaps or so.


So overall I do feel that Games Academy should be taking matchups like this, however NA BO1’s, these are never fun. BO1’s most of the time just comes down to who wins the pistols, who wins the clutches and just lands their shots really, one player having a impressive map can just win you the series, so these are never safe, so do not get too confident in this one. Overall I do feel that as long as GA take this serious, which they really should, they all live together and are very committed to improving, they moved from Brazil to America just for the purpose to improve, so I do have high expectations from them whenever they play. Going to give this a 75-25 in favor of GA, kinda generous I feel, but I am semi-confident in them here. Just recommend playing the odds here with a low bet here however, as it is a BO1 as I mentioned.


Going to play the odds here, as long as GA is above below 82% I will drop 5% on them here. If they are above that however, I’ll ICB on Tectonic and hope to everything that their players go insane and win the BO1. It is a BO1 so as I keep repeating, really dangerous so be careful.

My odds = 75-25 GA

My risk = High

My bet = 5% on GA if below 82%, otherwise ICB(<1%) on Tectonic in the hopes of an upset

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Tectonic 25:75 GAcademy


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