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Best Of 3
2016/03/01 04:00 UTC

Winner Tectonic

Tectonic vs. WooSah at Fragadelphia

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This is one where you have to favor Tectonic a bit I reckon, especially considering this is a BO3. My only, and well most obvious concern here is, lowtier NA game, these are never safe and often just come down to who is hitting their shots and what not. I have seen the Tectonic guys play quite a bit, and honestly they are a bit up and down. They should be winning this game, and they seem to do quite better vs opposition they should not be beating, and then when it comes to easier matches, they struggle for some reason. The Woosah guys, or well Ronin now, not too impressed to say the least. There are a few names in that roster that ring a bell, such as Miknutty and what not, however do I think they should be able to consistently beat Tectonic? Not at all. I really think that as long as Tectonic take this seriously and simply do not get outplayed here somehow, they should be taking this. They just seem better in every aspect to me, have better results overall and what not. 70-30 in favor of Tectonic here.


5% Tectonic here as long as they are below 77%, otherwise 2-3% Woosah.

My odds = 70-30 Tectonic

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Tectonic if under 77%, otherwise 2-3% Woosah

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Tectonic 70:30 WooSah


Going to keep this fairly short; Tectonic have been together for a while now and especially Drone has been carrying them, they are quite consistent and usually really do what you expect from them. Woosah, also known as Ronin, dropped oderus and picked up miknutty instead. this isn’t necessarily a downgrade as miknutty does have a lot of more experience than oderus does. Overall, Woosah are a team who can surely frag but should not be able to out-frag Tectonic here. Fragging power and the strats definitely favour Tectonic here and with this being a BO3 at Fragadelphia I think Tectonic will try their best here and will most likely win. I’m not suggesting a huge bet on them though as it’s still NA and Woosah CAN upset. Best thing is to skip (Just like AceG vs Dynamo..) but for the ones who have to feed their addiction *winkwink* I suggest a low bet on Tectonic.

Pick: Tectonic

Bet: Low on Tectonic [5%]

My odds for this match: Tectonic 65:35 WooSah


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