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BD Cup

Best Of 3
2016/03/07 18:20 UTC

Winner Tempest

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Tempest vs. BD at BD Cup

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Interesting game here that honestly could go either way. Tempest aka Quest are a decent Russian side, who do suffer from really poor CT sides, but make up for it on their T side. Their last results were an incredibly close win over Fluffy Gangsters, a close 2-0 loss to Method, and a win against the side they play today in an incredibly close game. The first map went 16-14, and the second 31-27. This shows you how close these two sides are.

BD of course lost a player to Method, and it remains to be seen how F4ST will fit in with the side. He is a good player though, and does have a lot of experience, so he should be a good pickup for them. They will of course be working on set-ups and trying to slot him into their roster as soon as they can, but this takes time, and the synergy won’t be as good as it was before, regardless of the individual skill.

Because of how close the game was before, and this being a pretty 50-50 match, as well as BD being with a new player, I would have to suggest going LOW on Tempest. I actually do think BD are a slightly better side, but these 50-50 games are really hard to predict. As of right now, the most logical thing to do is to play the odds, and go on the underdog.

My odds for this match: Tempest 50:50 BD

Probably the closest match of today, Tempest also known as Quest who have been on point lately, they beat Evolution yesterday quite convincingly with 16-4 and 16-2 scorelines. As of now this team looks hella impressive and do have potential to become a good CIS team. BD did have some problems with FLG yesterday but like I said, it’s not like they will win it with ”ease”. It’s going to be an extremely close match and it surely was one. BD really seem to rely on their T side as their CT side isn’t the strongest, they drop too many CT rounds and lose against a lot of eco’s. BD do have the betting fragging power than Tempest do with fAst and FANAT ROCKA but just overall this doesn’t really feel like a team, Tempest feels more like a team and I think that they can take this one as the underdogs.

Low (5%) on Tempest

My odds for this match: Tempest 50:50 BD

This will be a very close match. Tempest are now called Quest, but they’ve just joined another org with no lineup change. Last time they beat the Binary Dragons in a very close game. (16-14,31-27)Tempest are growing up very fast, last time they were beaten by Revolution (2-1), yesterday it was very easy match for them. They’ve been training a lot as a team and also making sure their aim is on point.

Binary Dragons have a pretty useless CT side. They give lots of free round for the enemy team, eco’s aswell. BD have more skilled players, like the recently signed player fAst. There is FANAT ROCKA, he’s the russian olof. I feel they all have good aim but lack the tactics like YP and Tempest.

I feel a bit better about Tempest than BD so bet small Tempest but this will probably be a very close game.

Low (5%) on Tempest



My odds for this match: Tempest 52:48 BD


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