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Red Dot

Best Of 3
2015/12/15 21:00 UTC

Winner Titan

Titan vs. LDLC.White at Red Dot

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Not much to say here really, Titan is arguably a top 10 team, they constantly beat worlds best teams such as ENVYUS, Na`Vi, NiP and recently wrecked a couple of tier 2 teams such as E-Frag, HellRaisers and Dignitas.

LDLC.White on the other hand, played really bad in their recent matches, their best result in the last month was taking a map off of mousesports and Gamers2, other than that, they got beaten by unu.AiN, PENTA, London Conspiracy, and CSGL.

That’s pretty much it, Titan will win this match for sure, good match for a max bet.

My odds for this match: Titan 90:10 LDLC.White

Domestic games between different tier teams can get close at times, but here, I don’t think LDLC White stand too much of a chance. This will be a ‘non-formal’ prediction since it really shouldn’t need too much explaining so here goes.

Titan hasn’t participated in many events as of late, purely because they have dropped off the radar and are now hovering in the low T1 side/high T2 ladder even though the players are all major attendees/world class players. They really must want to go to an event or win something at the very least, and this match is a good opportunity to achieve both of those goals.

LDLC White. Another good French team, rivaled with melty and partners, LDLC Blue. They also don’t play too frequently because they are a lower class team but their last few games haven’t turned out very good for them. 0-2 losses to CSGL and Penta and they did draw to Mouz though.

Titan should have this to sum this all up. LDLC White could take a map off them, but Titan losing two maps? I don’t think Titan is good compared to many of the T1 teams, but god forbid them losing against a T3 team.

My odds for this match: Titan 90:10 LDLC.White

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