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2016/01/31 21:00 UTC

Winner Titan

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Titan vs. NiP at Game Show Global

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I mentioned it many times, Titan are going downhill and it doesn’t seem to change as of now. Their most recent match was against SpaceS and they pulled out a 2-1 win here thanks to a good CT side on Inferno and Train. Their CT side on Cache was awful as they lost the half 13-2, they did manage to somewhat come back but winning the map was never a thing as SpaceS closed it out 16-12. All in all, Titan came luckily for them as winners out of this BO3 which really could have went in SpaceS’s favour. Again, Titan aren’t looking good and really seem to rely on individual plays by shox, if shox isn’t on point then it’s pretty much gg for Titan.


New roster, did practise a lot but I’m still not sure how it’s going to work. Pyth is a decent player but I always had my doubts about picking him up, I think he’s a decent player for tier2 but he doesn’t belong in tier1 and is likely only going to bottomfrag in NiP’s matches. It seems like NiP will heavily rely on GeT_RiGhT and f0rest to make plays as these two guys are by far the best fraggers on this team. NiP played only 1 official match so far, this was against E-Frag and they won it but it really could have went either way. NiP won Cobblestone and Mirage but they did drop Cache and NiP seem to rely on their T side on these maps. This match was 2 weeks ago so I’m pretty sure NiP practised a lot after this match so they should be stronger now.


With Titan going downhill and NiP practising A LOT in the past days I don’t think Titan will win this. It’s obviously really going to depend on shox, will he step up or not and it will obviously depend on the map veto as well. The thing is, we don’t really know that much from NiP right now, it’s hard to predict how they will play and how good they actually are but I do think that they will win because as of right now, you can’t be worse than Titan plus the H2H matches have always favoured NiP a lot even without allu, NiP should win.


NiP might be a bit too favoured in this match when we look at the odds on csgolounge. They’re currently 70-30 in favour of NiP and when they go over 75% then make sure to skip. If they stay below 75% then I think going medium on NiP should be a ”safe” bet so that’s what we will be doing.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your bet!

My odds for this match: Titan 35:65 NiP


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