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Team SoloMid


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2016/02/24 04:00 UTC

Winner Team SoloMid

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TSM vs. A.Auth at CEVO

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So this TSM roster is obviously new, we have not seen much of them at all. We have stats on two official matches to be precise, both spread apart quite a bit, however the first was a 2-0 loss to Winterfox, disappointing, and the second was a somewhat of a demolishing to Renegades. Therefor, so far this TSM lineup has not been too impressive, not at all. The team does however have some potential to say the least, not best team NA, however decent. They have some good fraggers in that team, nothing out of the world, however a lot of young talent. If Sick, Autimatic for example can hit form, these can be deadly and just single handedly win a game for you, however these are also the type of players that tend to go quiet, and make a team inconsistent. Ex AA is not a team that I take seriously, don’t think they are very good. I did watch them play versus Liquid however and I must say, I was actually kinda surprised by their performance, I was expecting a complete blowout however they were somewhat able to stand their ground, and barely, barely lost Cache 16:14. You do however have to remember that this is the team that in the same week almost lost to CLG Red, 16:14 on Cache. Overall, I feel like as long as the TSM guys are hitting their shots, which I mean they are a new team, the motivation should be there. 75-25 in favor of TSM here.


Don’t want to go high here due to the fact that it is NA and a new team, however it’s a BO3 so should be easy for TSM. As long as they are below 82%, I’d drop 7-10% on them here, however if they are above that, just skip/ICB Ex-AA

My odds = 75-25 TSM

My risk = Medium

My bet = 7-10% TSM if under 82%, otherwise skip/ICB

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 75:25 A.Auth

TSM’s new roster have looked shaky to be honest, but they are a completely new team so this is to be expected. 2 guys from 2 different teams and then FNS from CLG is a lot to integrate into a team and this takes time. They seemed decent in places in the games I saw, but I feel like any side with Semphis in will suffer from crazy force buys, AWP’s second rounds, and a lack of team work and synergy. This makes me nervous betting on a game like this.

The ex-AA boys are not that bad to warrant not considering them at all. They did suffer since losing Nifty, who was their best player by far, but they still have players such as JoshRT who can cause people problems. They are still a lower tier side however, and this is not a side that TSM should be losing too.

I would not feel confident going above MED on games like this, so as the odds stand, I would go MED on TSM or SKIP.

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 75:25 A.Auth


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