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Team SoloMid

Red Dot

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2015/12/01 18:00 UTC

Winner Team SoloMid
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Team SoloMid

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TSM vs. E-Frag at Red Dot Predictions

So this is a qualifier for the red dot invitational LAN event this is a $50,000 LAN event that will take place in France with a few big teams playing in it. TSM here really should not be throwing away the chance to win this event as they could really do with a few events under their belt!

E-Frag have been in a everlasting spiral of doom in the last 6 months, these guys used to be my favourite team winning me many skins back in the days when they had the upset potential to wipe a team out like Envyus on DD2 lets not forget that shall we…

However since these days we just haven’t seen the same form, I think they were the sort of team that surprised with such great strategy but teams quickly learnt to counter it.

TSM: Yesterday they were great against Dignitas they were wobbly from times to time but that happens when a team just gets back from losing at a LAN event people are demotivated, tired and just burnt out however TSM closed the game out when it was needed the most. Personally E-Frag can watch as many demos as they like but Bo3 against a team like TSM I really can’t see them winning this even if E-Frag turn up like they used to back in the day. I’m personally going to stick a medium bet on these guys as a high bet is not recommended on teams that have just returned from LAN.

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 85:15

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