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Best Of 3
2016/03/23 03:00 UTC

Winner CLG

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TStorm vs. CLG at CEVO

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So this is a rematch as CLG beat Tempo Storm 2-1 three days ago, Tempo Storm won the first map and got absolutely demolished on the next two, they also dropped a map against Obey Alliance recently and seeing such a good team losing to Premier teams is just unacceptable. It might seem like CLG are not doing well since they are on a little loss streak, however recently they’ve been playing against the best teams in the North American region, I still expected CLG to do better against teams like Liquid and such but the maps were not the best for them I suppose.

In thi specific matchup CLG should have an edge due to their map pool, they annihilated Tempo Storm on mirage and train so that’s two maps for CLG already, they are also great on overpass and dust2 if I remember correctly, I’m quite surprised that CLG lost on their map pick (cobblestone) but the other maps went great for them, the worst scenario would be if CLG didn’t veto Inferno as I’m pretty sure Tempo Storm would beat them on this map, but they surely will remove it since it is by far one of their wost maps.

CLG should have an edge and I’d rather go with a small bet on them here, no idea why do people favor Tempo Storm after the last encounter.

My odds for this match: TStorm 45:55 CLG

Option 2Tiny bet on the underdog

Token Bet

Pick the team with the lowest odds, place a small amount of money you don't mind losing.


This one is a tricky one to call. Obviously we have seen TempoStorm do great things in the recent history, however they are still TempoStorm who have shown weaknesses as well, just like any other team. They are heavy favorites right now versus CLG and while they are good, I am not sure if they are at the stage of being favorites over CLG yet, heavy ones at least. These two faced off against eachother about 4 days ago, which CLG took 2:1, struggled first map however demolished on second two maps. Obviously CLG has a major in a week so I am sure they are working hard for that, they should be individually prepared at least, however I also think that they are the stronger team here, for now at least. This is a BO3 too which further solidifies CLG as favorites for me. Overall for me this is about 60-40 in favor of CLG for me. It’s difficult since Tempo are hard to call, however lets settle with that. Just play low on the odds here.


3% CLG if under 65%, otherwise 2-3% TempoStorm.

My odds = 60-40 CLG

My risk = High

My bet = 3% CLG if under 65%, otherwise 2-3% TS

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: TStorm 40:60 CLG

Option 2Bet TStorm if odds 35% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

This match is a best of 3 and is the semi-final of CEVO pro season 9. I would imagine both teams are going to be pretty focused to win this to progress.

Tempo storm have looked a little below par in their past couple of matches after shocking almost all of us at IEM Katowice. They’ve dropped a map to Obey and actually got taken down quite convincingly by CLG at the weekend after taking the first map in the series 16-10.

CLG look really strong at the weekend against TStorm but looked absolutely useless against Liquid yesterday, i was sat cursing my monitor for most of the match. They managed to lose their CT pistol round on train 3v0 because they couldnt find a bomb in the smoke and honestly it was horrible to watch. They did show some moment of what they can do but they were far too inconsistent and lost 16-7 on the final map train which they should really be winning.

I do, however, think that CLG’s map pool could be their saving grace here, providing they don’t pick cobble again and try and keep inferno out of the mix. With only a week until majors it must also be noted that CLG probably trying to hide strats a little but to be honest they have a pretty puggy style anyway so that shouldn’t effect them too much.

With that being said I do still think this is pretty much a 50/50. I’m going to recommend a small bet on CLG here if they stay below 40% odds otherwise I’ll probably skip as I cant see TStorms odds dropping low enough to give us any real value.

My odds for this match: TStorm 50:50 CLG

Option 2Skip


Don't waste money on this match.


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