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2016/03/19 01:00 UTC

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TStorm vs. Renegades at CEVO

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EDIT: The odds have settled down a bit and are looking really good for Renegades. As I said, I think TStorm definitely have the edge here but with odds the way they are at the moment and this match, in my opinion, 60/40, maybe 65/35 maximum in favour of TStorm I would recommend small on renegades if they stay below 35%.

Here we have the quarter final of CEVO season 9.

So lets get straight into this. I feel that TStorm are the stronger team here and I definitely think they have more chance of taking this match,  we’ve all seen what they are capable of after their tremendous showing at IEM Katowice, only narrowly losing to Navi 2-1 in the quarter finals.

Renegades though have certainly stepped up their game recently and have definitely been putting the practice in. They beat liquid quite convincingly last night in the first map (mirage) and recently gave cloud9 a really good game on train too.

However, even with their recent surge in form I don’t know if i can see Renegades having enough to take Tempo down over 3 maps and the odds are looking really tasty for TStorm too, although they may need a little more time to settle down.

The only thing im a little worried about is that TStorm really haven’t had to play against many tough opponents recently and may come in a little off the pace. All in all I still think TStorm have the better chance of taking this match but it definitely has the potential to be a close match with either team being able to take it so only bet small on this one.

My odds for this match: TStorm 60:40 Renegades

Option 2Bet Renegades if odds 35% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

Not sure if I’m dreaming and about to wake up or if this is actually real, 70-30 odds in favour of Tempo Storm. Everyone probably knows how much I hate this team as I think they’re extremely overrated because they managed to win against all top NA teams, this was at the point where all top NA teams were slumping, and that’s a thing not many people know. Overall, sure, Tempo Storm are the better team here and are more likely to win but 70-30 odds is a bit too much. Renegades seem extremely underrated going into this match, it’s still Renegades boys, the team who always manages to upset EU teams on lan and so on. I don’t think that the maps will matter that much, Renegades are a momentum based team and rely on individual plays by yam, jks and azr. I can see Renegades picking this one up depending on their momentum. The Brazilians are also a momentum based team, when they lose their momentum, they’re on pressure and start failing (reminding you guys the match against FlipSid3). Spunj is a really smart igl and I’m sure he knows how to handle Tempo Storm. I’m going to suggest a low bet on Renegades as the odds are just completely off.

My odds for this match: TStorm 55:45 Renegades

Option 1Bet TStorm if odds 60% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

Renegades are a side that when they are good, they can be really good, and they can beat anyone in NA. The problem is they can also be quite poor. They have really good players in yam, azr and jks, and they will need all 3 of these guys on point tonight, because this is going to be tough test. Tstorm of course have made waves recently. Beating almost everyone who was in front of them. They showed weakness against Obey, and with both sides liking similar maps, this game could be a close one. Because the real odds for this game are a lot closer to 55-45, I will purely play the odds here, and suggest a LOW bet on RNG.

My odds for this match: TStorm 55:45 Renegades

Option 2Bet TStorm if odds 55% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


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