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Rising Stars

Best Of 3
2016/01/19 15:00 UTC

No Winner Announced

Tyloo vs. InchKing at Rising Stars

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Rising Stars South-East Asia #1 is a mini Asian league which has a single elimination BO3 format. It is a small 2 day online event and has a prize pool of $3,000 with the first place taking $2,000 and second place taking the rest.


One of the two best teams playing in this league and also in all of Asia, they are expected to meet CyberZen in the finals of this event. The Fulcrum Games League is a pretty big event which Tyloo played in not too long ago. They progressed without losing to the finals where they faced Wings Gaming in the finals. They of course won 3-0 with a one map advantage due to coming from the upper bracket and claimed their prize of $9,100 USD which is quite a hefty amount.

On top of all of this, Tyloo had a great run following the win against Wings. They played in the IEM Taipei qualifier and had a good streak, won all of their games and  had qualified for IEM Taipei with relative ease.


Inchk1ng finished 5th in the group stage at Fulcrum and didn’t get to the final parts of the event and didn’t win any prize money. Their only game this year was in the IEM Taipei and they didn’t have the same success as Tyloo. They lost to the Korean MVP Project 1-2 and didn’t qualify.

History between the two teams

Tyloo has a 100% win rate against inchk1ng. They have played each other in three different matches, and Tyloo has won all of them and has not let inchk1ng come close to winning once.

Final thoughts and advice

This is another very one sided game. Tyloo has showed us that they care about all matches, not just the qualifiers or super important matches. This is a smaller event offering a very minor prize but I still expect Tyloo to put up a good performance. They’re just on a whole ‘nother level and I don’t think inchk1ng stand much of a chance here.

The final odds for this match will probably end up as 90-10 or something like that like all the matches involving Tyloo end up as.

My odds for this match: Tyloo 90:10 InchKing


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