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2016/04/14 11:00 UTC

Winner Tyloo

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Tyloo vs. LG at Dreamhack

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Yesterday was the worst day ever … literally got myself a 100% lossrate >.>. Let’s see if today makes more sense boys!

This match has been played 2 days ago in a BO1 and that was fairly easy for LG, they didn’t have many problems on TyLoo’s best map Mirage and just smashed them. I didn’t watch TyLoo vs. Liquid yesterday but IMO Liquid threw the match in the veto, I knew TyLoo had a chance of upsetting if the map would be Cobble and it was, TyLoo did do the first upset of DreamHack. LG on the other hand also got upset by Mousesports, again a really strange veto as LG banned Mirage and Cobblestone, their best map and one of Mousesports’s worst maps Cobblestone, kind of weird. Coldzera tweeted that they wanted to ”try” Cache against Mousesports, not entirely sure what to think of that.

Obviously this is the safest match of today, I really can’t see LG losing this at all, if LG actually lose this then we might as well call it the biggest upset in CS:GO history. Expecting a 2-0 in favour of LG here.

My odds for this match: Tyloo 10:90 Luminosity


This one LG should be winning here pretty convincingly considering it is a BO1, These two obviously met on the first day and it was easy picking for LG, however Tyloo managed to upset Liquid and LG managed to lose to to Mouz, both due to a poor veto from Liquid and LG I feel. None of the less, like I said yesterday I say it again, however did not expect to be saying it again, this I feel will just be a LAN for expereince for Tyloo, I do not expect much from them here and do not think they do either, and they will very likely just go home after this match. LG should pick themselves up and just over power Tyloo here, Tyloo appear to be decent, however eh, this should be too much. 85-15 LG.


15% LG here, obviously only bet if your 15% is above 300$ or else you will not get a return.

My odds = 85-15 LG

My risk = Low

My bet = 15% LG

My advice = 15% LG if your 15% is above 300$

My odds for this match: Tyloo 15:85 Luminosity

First match of third day at DreamHack Malmö in a BO3. Yesterday the Asian guys played pretty decent against Liquid, and they managed to beat the American team. They took 10 rounds on their CT side but after the side change fell apart pretty much and it ended up 12-15 in favour Liquid. But Tyloo never gave up and they won 3 rounds in a row and beat Liquid in OT. I like their Terrorist play style because they used a lot of fast paced takes and played the same agressive play that we see the Brazilian teams favour. I don’t think though they have any chance against a top3 world team in a BO3. Their first match was against LG where they got stomped 7-16, in a one sided game.

Let’s talk about LG. As I said before they have the same agressive play style as Tyloo. Yesterday they were beaten by Mousesports 7-16 on Cache, but I think at this lan any team can beat the other in BO1. I knew that match was risky, this is why I skipped it. LG should take this match easily, but they need to take care with Cobblestone and Inferno because Tyloo are decent on these maps too.
Don’t think that Tyloo have any chance to take it or win JUST 1 map. There isn’t any risk, IMO easy 2-0 in favour LG.

My odds for this match: Tyloo 15:85 Luminosity


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