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Best Of 3
2015/12/02 12:30 UTC

Winner Tyloo

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Tyloo vs. Pow at Starseries

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TyLoo is a Chinese giant here. They are the best team in China and this can easily be seen through the results that they put out with each match that they play. They haven’t lost a match against an Asian team in so long, and I don’t think POW will be an exception. POW is losing to no namer Asian teams, so I don’t think they have the man power to take on Tyloo. They have played twice recently, with Tyloo winning both encounters 2-0.

My bet: Large on Tyloo is the odds are 90-10 favoring them. Anything above and it’s not worth it imo.

My odds for this match: Tyloo 90:10 Pow

Tyloo are the Chinese hope and I’m even going so far to say that they’re the Asian hope but they definitely do not deserve the odds they deserve. The odds being skewed for Tyloo so they have over 90% is a game that’s not worth betting on, even to me. Tyloo is an extremely talented team for the Asian scene but knowing scenes outside of NA and EU, these teams generally become inconsistent are have a tendency to have some shady business happen between the teams. This game should not be trusted and should be skipped although Tyloo would have my bet to win this game.

This game should be SKIPPED

My odds for this match: Tyloo 75:25 Pow

Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. This time it will be between Tyloo facing off against Pow in a best of 3.  This is the first group match for these teams so it is not too important for them but i am sure both teams will give everything they have.

Tyloo is leading the scene at the moment. They are beating everyone and didn’t drop a map for over 10 matches. All of these matches were best of 2 or best of 3. Tyloo is one of the Asian teams i trust. I am sure these guys will never throw since it looks like they want to be better at the team and win some legit money.

Tyloo is just simple the better team. Not a lot of explanations are needed to say this. They just out aim there enemies. This is something we’ve seen in the last matches they played.

Pow is on a losing streak. They recently played against Tyloo and they lost 2-0. They lost 16-3 on mirage and 16-13 on Overpass. Pow came close on overpass but got completely rekt on Mirage.

Pow had some good results against CyberZen but they still didn’t manage to win. There are not a bad team but i think there map pool is to small in a best of 3 format against Tyloo.

For this match i would skip it unless you have an inventory that can handle a max bet and make it back even if you lose it. Pow could take 1 map but i don’t think they will take 2. This match ain’t worth betting. The odds will probably switch to 95%-5%  before it begins.

Save your skins for any other match.


My odds for this match: Tyloo 85:15 Pow


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