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2016/03/22 03:00 UTC

Winner NRG eSports
NRG eSports

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Vault vs. NRG at CEVO

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Vault just lost their best player m1tch to Selfless but have still been looking fairly good, ofcouse jcrueL is a pretty big downgrade but still, they have had some decent results with this roster. NRG on the other hand will have two BO1’s before this one so they will be warmed up surely. NRG are obviously the better team and SHOULD be able to win this. It is going to be a BO3 and like I said, NRG should be warmed up, Vault don’t have a bad roster but they shouldn’t be able to upset a on point NRG here. NRG could drop a map, but I don’t think they will drop two.

My odds for this match: Vault 20:80 NRG eSports


So I accidentally just closed the tab on this prediction so I’ve got to rewrite it, so sorry if it is a bit shorter. This is a match that should really be going to NRG here, straight 2-0, or 2-1 at best for Vault. Vault are a decent side who have a few pugstars so to speak, take for example Nerdy, who when go off can be really lethal, however ehh, against NRG in a BO3? Should not happen. Vault are a somewhat decent Premier team, however nothing really beyond that, right now at least. The fact that Mitch has left them has not helped them out either, as he was their star performer alongside Nerdy, for me at least. NRG has two BO1s against Cloud9 before this, so it is a good idea to just sit down and see how NRG are doing on those, not completely dictate your pick however should give you a feeling of comfort or discomfort to make your decision. This is NA however, so who knows what can happen, but for me this is a 75-25 in favor of NRG.


10% NRG if below 85%, otherwise skip/ICB Vault here.

My odds = 85-15 NRG

My risk = Medium

My bet = 10% NRG if below 85%, otherwise skip/ICB Vault

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Vault 25:75 NRG eSports

Option 1Bet NRG eSports if odds 85% or less
NRG eSports

Medium (10%)

medium risk

Vault are not a bad side, but compared to the boys of NRG, they are nothing special. NRG of course under the leadership of gob b have shown massive improvements. They had a good performance against C9 in the first map, and I feel they have a good chance on the second map too. They have good structure and teamwork, and this is an important game for them. I can see one of the maps being close, but overall this should be a win for NRG, and even at these odds, you could probably get away with a MED bet. Slight caution because this is NA and strange things do happen, so please remember that.

My odds for this match: Vault 25:74 NRG eSports


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