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Counter Pit League

Best Of 2
2016/02/04 22:30 UTC

No Winner Announced

Vexed vs. ATN at Counter Pit League

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Vexed have announced just this morning that they have completed the signing of ‘repo’ and a new coach ‘KubiK’ from ALSEN. Repo is a familiar face to many as he has been playing with this roster for a good part of a month and a half following the departure of peet.

This team to me is either a hit or miss and there’s no real way of predicting how these guys will perform. They can do extremely well against a T1 team one day then the next look completely burned out and struggle against T3 teams. They have been playing well though judging from their recent results. They tied with Torpedo and really made Torpedo earn their map as it went to the final round. Their game before that, they took a map off EnvyUs but couldn’t close out the series for a win.

Alternate Attax

As some of you may have heard, Alternate Attax played in the controversial match against Planetkey in the Rising Stars series. Planetkey were suspected of cheating and were called out by a member of Alt.Attax on FaceBook (Source: and then Planetkey was disqualified for betting on themselves.

Alt.Attax aren’t a bad team by all means, but there’s little to no chance that they’ll be able to reach the top German mark where Mouz and Penta are currently at. They have been doing very well as of late, and just this past month we have seen them beat the likes of NoProblem, ex-London Conspiracy, eXplosive and CG. On top of this, they have taken maps off Astralis and E-frag.

Final thoughts and advice

I’m not 100% sure on what I should do here. Vexed are better than Alt.Attax by a reasonable margin but they are a coinflip team meaning they just play well when they want to. Alt.Attax must be feeling some type of way after their match against Planetkey and I’m not sure if this’ll give them determination and motivation or if that event will just make them upset and tilt them.

55-45 are my personal odds but since this is a BO2, it’ll most likely end up as a tie to be honest. Praying that Vexed will be able to take just one map to secure our skins as I’ll be betting on them.

My odds for this match: Vexed 55:45 ATN


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