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2016/03/14 18:00 UTC

Winner Vexed

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Vexed vs. Empire at GO:CL

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A match between the most inconsistent team in Poland and the most inconsistent team in CIS, that’s gonna be fun! We saw ex-Vexed beating Gambit for the DreamHack qualifier but we also saw them getting stomped by Mousesports fort he DreamHack qualifier. Now, obviously Mousesports were on point and looked unbeatable, ex-Vexed also had a loss against Penta in a BO1 on Mirage and that’s a hard one because Penta aren’t that good. ex-Vexed aren’t really looking good overall and have a weak mappool, the only map they are consistent on is Train and opponents always insta-ban this one.

Empire look somewhat good but this can change at any given day, they are inconsistent and that’s rather sad. This team really does have the potential to become top3 in CIS behind Navi and FlipSid3. The problem of this team is that they heavily rely on  Electronic and CyberFocus, if they don’t frag then they lose their match no matter the opponent, that’s never a good thing.

As bad as ex-Vexed played against Mousesports, they still had a decent showing against Gambit and Gambit is a lot better than Empire. ex-Vexed are on of those teams who actually do seem consistent against lower tier teams surprisingly. I honestly expect ex-Vexed to win here as they’ve proven us what they can do, Empire are just a new team who rely on two players to make frags. Let’s play this one smart, and skip once the odds really go out of hand.

My odds for this match: Vexed 65:35 Empire

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Don't waste money on this match.

noKappa (ex-vexed) is on shaky performance. We saw noKappa managed to beat Gambit 2for1 for Dreamhack qualifier, but we saw them lost against Penta 9-16. Lose against penta not good result, because they aren’t in performance as u saw on their last matches. They have Rallen and Furlan whose have very good personal skill, but if they not fragging it can be problem. Their best maps are Cobblestone and Train, but they have more worst like Cache,Mirage and Dust2.

Lets go on Empire. My favourite CIS team, with 5 skilled guy. They won the CIS cup against Tempest on the final, and they reached $2.000. I said 5 skilled guy because they have CyberFocus who’s the best AWPer in CIS in my opinion but he’s using the rifles decent aswell, electronic who can bomb 40 against tier3 teams, spaz who have some bad day, but on the others he fragging like a machine and the 2 other guys whose are pretty decent with rifles. They lost against HellRaisers 1-2, its a good result against a tier2 team. Their best maps are Mirage and Inferno, and I can say they’re playing bad just on Cobblestone and Dust2.

noKappa playing together for more time than Empire, but the Empire have more skilled guys and dont forget its a BO1 so its very risky match. Just bet with low, or skip this.

Low (3-5%) on Empire


My odds for this match: Vexed 55:45 Empire

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Don't waste money on this match.


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