eSport betting tips: Against all odds, together

UCC Europe

Best Of 3
2015/12/09 17:00 UTC

Winner Nostalgie

Vexed vs. Nostalgie at UCC Europe

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LINEUP KEEPS CHANGING THE BELOW WAS THE OLD PREDICTION. Personally I’m now just going to ICB Nostalgie if this lineup stays the same.

——————– OLD PREDICTION ———————

Currently the odds stand at 72% – 28%


This game is going to be seriously exciting and more then likely will in in a 2-1 and might be worth betting on if the odds stay at this.


Not really sure where to start on Vexed… Sometimes these guys are amazing to bet on and get some easy skins however recently I feel like they have just feel they have fallen out of form again however a chance for them to now be in form is always possible.

For Vexed to beat a lineup that Nostalgie has to offer they need to be aware and have the ability to handle the no respect peeking and pushing that Nostalgie will more then likely use and I’m not sure that Vexed have a play style ready to counter this…

Vexed players hours:

Hyper: 79.6 hrs
Rallen: 78.0 hrs
GruBy 61.6 hrs
Peet: 53.4 hrs
Furlan: 92.6 hrs

As you can see (If they haven’t been idling) these guys have been putting some mega time into the game so a chance they might now all be in serious form is fairly high.


This lineup is going to be great to watch, players like S1mple, SandeN, gla1ve are going to be the players I look forward the most to see during this match. S1mple if he is on form will probably take on most of Vexed himself with his play style. I feel if these guys hold back from the split and pick set plays and rely on there aim on most maps they might be able to take this from Vexed fairly easily. The previous results from this team are irrelevant  as this lineup is new to Nostalgie from what I can see.

Nostalgie players hours:

S1mple: 65 hrs

Overdrive: Private

SandeN: 64.7hrs

Gla1ve: Private

JUGI: 21.3hrs

Hour of the hours of these players  I can only see 3 of them. I would imagine overdrive and gla1ve would probably around the 30-40 hour mark at a guess. Jugi is a bit concerning with 21.3hrs however he may surprise us.

Put your feet up grab a beer and some popcorn place a nice low bet on the underdog team and lets hope for a great game with some very silly plays that might just pay off!

My odds for this match: Vexed 60:40 Nostalgie


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