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Operation Kinguin

Best Of 3
2015/12/15 17:00 UTC

Winner Space Soldiers
Space Soldiers

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Vexed vs. SpaceS at Operation Kinguin

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Vexed is arguably the second best team in Poland as their results from the past few months were slightly better than CSGL’s. Vexed did a small roster change recently, they got rid of peet who was their dedicated awper and replaced him with MINISE for now, that’s quite a big upgrade to be honest, peet was performing really bad lately and he clearly had some problems with his consistency, MINISE is way more experienced and talented, they also played the same role (AWP) so MINISE is clearly a better choice here.

Vexed are a bit inconsistent and their recent results were not as good as I would expect, they got 2-0’d by Nostalgie which is a mix team with no practice, they also got 2-0’d by Gamers2, played quite bad against DeadPixels even though they won the series 2-0 but it was way too close, looking at the better results, Vexed made it to overtime against ENVYUS on train, beat SK Gaming, PENTA and a couple of tier 2/3 teams like CSGL, Reason, Epiphany,  RCTIC and PiTER.


Space Soldiers are also very inconsistent, even more than Vexed in my opinion. Space Soldiers had a couple of really bad matches lately, they lost against mediocre tier 3 teams such as OnlineBOTS, Epiphany, No Problem! and Arcade, they also struggled against FlipSid3 and London Conspiracy which is understandable as those teams are just better. Space Soldiers are just not that good anymore, the only matches they managed to win were against lower teams such as BX3, nEophyte, eSuba, OnlineBOTS and a couple more, and still, most of the matches were insanely close.

Space Soldiers used ngiN instead of e1 for their recent matches, I’m not sure if he’s a temporary stand in or if they also did some roster changes, but he’s pretty bad.


Vexed is a better team overall, they should have an edge here and I think they will take this match, although it’s insanely risky so be careful with your bets!

My odds for this match: Vexed 60:40 Space Soldiers

Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. This time it will be between Vexed and SpaceSoldiers. It is a best of 3 and the maps is TBA. This match is important for both teams. I keep it short since match starts soon.

These teams are pretty much the same skill level at the moment. Vexed used to be better but how they play lately doesn’t show off that much. I really believe this will end in a close 2-1 for one of the teams. With the current odds i don’t think it is worth it to go on Vexed since the odds should be more 55-45 like. For this match i recommend to go low on Space Soldiers. They can take it i believe. If you don’t like taking risk i suggests a skip.

Good luck!

My odds for this match: Vexed 55:45 Space Soldiers


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