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2016/01/09 18:00 UTC

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Vexed vs. unu.AiN at Game Show Global

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Will make this prediction fast as there is not long now until the game. This match between Vexed and unu.AiN has the potential to be a underdog I feel. The current odds are 54% to 46% so a small bet on unu.AiN is advised here.

The only way I see unu.AiN winning against Vexed here is if Hunden steps up like he previously did against Penta and the rest of the team are at least hitting their shots.

Vexed to me have always been that overrated side that sometimes have a really good game and then have another 3 poor games to follow, personally one of my rules is never to bet on a game where I think Vexed will win as it always ends up in tears…

GL HF and remember to go LOW on unu.AiN!

My odds for this match: Vexed 50:50 unu.AiN

Vexed being favored against unu.AiN is something that surprised me a lot yesterday, I thought that odds will shift in unu.AiN’s favor but they are still below 50%, I totally don’t understand that as I believe unu.AiN are way better when it comes to fragging power and individual skill, while Vexed is more of a “real” team with strats and such, I just don’t feel like they are as good as unu.AiN when it comes to aim battles.

unu.AiN haven’t played that many matches together, but they already managed to upset PENTA with their original lineup (the one before strux1 and Spiidi left), that’s a good result as PENTA were much better than Vexed back then, another thing is that pretty much all unu.AiN’s players played together at some point and they know how to adapt.

Vexed, as I mentioned before, is easily one of the most inconsistent teams in Europe right now, recently they managed to take down HellRaisers and Millenium, but got wrecked by CSGL and Phoenix, that’s quite ridiculous. I feel like Vexed need to win the veto process in order to beat a stronger team, they seem to be very good on Overpass, Train and Cobblestone, however, it seems like unu.AiN’s map pool is a bit bigger and they should have an edge here.

Small bet on unu.AiN seems like a good choice here.

My odds for this match: Vexed 45:55 unu.AiN


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