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Counter Pit League

Best Of 2
2015/12/02 10:00 UTC

Winner VOX
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VOX vs. Trident at Counter Pit League Predictions

Vox Eminor

This lineup used to be known as Streamline. However there has been a shuffle and it isn’t the original lineup. Sico and RBZ are from fSociety while the rest are from Streamline. We haven’t seen this roster play before because it is relatively new but it does look promising. One thing I can recall from previous matches I’ve watched, is that both RBZ and sico have good fragging ability. Nova is probably the best out of the Streamline boys and cozeh is an onliner.

Other than that though, there isn’t really much else I can say regarding this team. The shuffle looks like it has been a gain for Vox and this will be the first time we see them play with the fSociety boys.


After some lackluster results in their past two games in the Counter Pit League, I feel like Trident may have a small chance to get just one map off Vox, if not, both. That will be a big ask however. Against the Chiefs last night, Trident lost 0-2 but pushed Chiefs to OT on the second map before losing 17-19. Against Immunity, they also did very well on one map, losing 13-16. Close scorelines seem to be a thing for Trident, and all they need to do is close out the map.

This is just my gut feeling, and I’m probably talking out of my blooming mind right now, but I do feel like Trident can take a map off Vox against the odds. They aren’t a bad team by all means, and the two matches we say them recently play were against OCE’s better teams.

Final thoughts and advice

I think this will end up as a 1-1 and I will drop a small amount of skins on Trident, banking on the fact that they hopefully do take one map off Vox. If Trident can’t do that or have a close game, then I give up. Vox are definitely the favorites here because of just the org name and also RBZ and Sico coming in. Should be an interesting match regardless.

My odds for this match: VOX 65:35 Trident

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