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2016/02/23 22:00 UTC

Winner EnVyUs
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VP vs. EnVyUs at ESL Predictions


As of now it feels like Mirage is one of EnVyUs’s best maps. They are still somewhat inconsistent on it but they always manage to beat tier2 teams quite comfortably on this map. Tier1 teams are also not a problem at times although against Astralis it’s always 50-50. Like I said in the earlier analysis, VirtusPro aren’t in a good shape and are slightly said bad and with the map being mirage, I just don’t think they stand a chance at all. Like I said, it’s one of EnVyUs’s best maps and they can really turn on here with kenny awping. Should be a win in favour of EnVyUs with a quite comfortable scoreline.

Pick: EnVyUs

Bet: Low on EnVyUs 5%

My odds for this match: VP 30:70 EnVyUs


This is the 2nd match between these two today that is on CSGL. This time it is Mirage. It is a good idea to watch the first match and see how both teams are playing and then decide who to bet on here. Eitherway, Mirage is obviously a map that both teams are good on, as of recent however Virtus Pro has been struggling on it a bit, which is always troublesome. Like I said previously, VP are in a terrible shape right now and definitely are not producing convincing results, however they are still VP, they know how to play the game so do not count them out, especially in a BO1. They are currently bootcamping so that is a positive to look forward to here. In a BO1 like this, especially when it is close, it mostly comes down to who is landing their shots, winning pistol rounds and just one star player showing up big can win you the map, so be really careful here. Not much else to say really, 63-37 in favor of Envy here, really high risk game, just play the odds.


Just play the odds here. At the moment as it stands, going Envy however, if they get above 68%, Go 2-3% on VP, otherwise 2-3% on Envy.

My odds = 63-37 Envy

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% Envy if under 68%, otherwise 2-3% VP

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: VP 37:63 EnVyUs

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