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2016/03/30 02:35 UTC

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VP vs. G2 at MLG

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Historically you can argue that VP are the better team, and they really are however that is history. Right now I really do think that after the major they will have roster changes, unless they somehow manage to get a incredible run off, however I doubt it, I think they are just sitting on the sticker money right now, it still is VP however so credit where it is due. I think that at the moment, G2 is the better team here, they have more fragging power, however only when on fom and that is a big when on form. G2 has good players however they fail to replicate their good form consistently which is really a let down here. If the G2 guys are firing on all cylinders, I think they should be able to take off VP, especially since they are looking tragic. 55-45 G2


3% G2 if under 60%, otherwise 3% VP

My odds = 55=45 G2

My risk = high

My bet = 3% G2 if under 60%, otherwise 3% VP

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: VP 45:55 G2

Option 2Bet VP if odds 40% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Both teams are so incredibly inconsistent.. VP are slumping but still managed to get on stage over nV at Katowice but failed hard and got stomped by Fnatic, a sad performance by VP. They also attended to CounterPit, they won to Immunity (In a way too close game) and lost to Navi which was also a close game but like I said about Navi in the Navi vs Cloud9 analysis; Navi didn’t look good at CounterPit at all, VP took advantage of this and actually could have won but sadly choked from 14-7 to 14-16 on Overpass, this choke lost them the game against Navi.

G2 on the other hand are just incredibly hard to predict. They couldn’t qualify themself for DreamHack Malmo as they lost to CPH Wolves, a low tier2 team. They won Train quite comfortably but lost both Cobblestone and Overpass, two maps they aren’t even that bad on. They got upset quite hard and I’m not sure if this was G2 just saving strats for this major but I honestly highly doubt it, DreamHack Malmo is a big lan and I’m sure G2 wanted to be there but they failed.

A really close BO1 but no offense towards VP but as of now, they’re just considered bad and maybe even a tier2 team if not lower. G2 are a tier1.5 team and it’s extremely likely that they will be taking this. The only thing that stops G2 from winning this BO1 is VP turning into Virtus.Plow which I haven’t seen this entire year. Going with G2 for this one.

My odds for this match: VP 40:60 G2

Pretty hard to call game to be honest. Judging from form alone, I would edge it to G2. Judging it on past form and status, I would give it to VP. The main issues for the sides are, G2 seem to throw so many games they should have won, and VP have been in a terrible slump recently, and rumours of roster changes have been circulating. Looking at the maps, they both like similar maps, especially Train, which I could see this ending on. VP will of course want to avoid D2, and perhaps even Cache. I can see G2 wanting to avoid Mirage, and this could even end up on something like Overpass. Overall this feels like the hardest game to call, and you have to purely play the odds. 55-45 for G2 because of form, and bet off that, LOW on either side.

My odds for this match: VP 45:55 G2

Option 2Bet VP if odds 40% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


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