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2016/02/17 19:00 UTC

Winner Na’Vi

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VP vs. Na’Vi at ESL

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I’m really worried for right now, watched almost all of their EEPL matches and seriously, I have never see them play so bad, it just seems like they haven’t practiced in weeks but they did, it doesn’t make any sense really. didn’t win a single match since November, during the struggle they got beaten by Fnatic, HellRaisers, dignitas, FaZe and mousesports, few of these matches matches were close but looked terrible in majority of them, another weird thing is that were getting wrecked on their best maps, I’m pretty sure most of you know how good were on mirage or train, clearly one of the best teams on those maps, not anymore by the look of things.

Na`Vi are holding a stable consistent form and that’s what I love about them, recently Na`Vi managed to win DreamHack ZOWIE Open Liepzig in which they beat teams like FaZe, SK Gaming, Dignitas and Luminosity, also made it to the grand final of Starladder Finals where they beat worlds best teams such as Astralis and ENVYUS before falling to fnatic in the finals.

Na`Vi is an obvious pick here, dust2 is their map and they are way better than at the moment.

My odds for this match: VP 35:65 Na’Vi

One team that isn’t practicing against another that is seriously slumping, does not make for the best game. Navi said at the start of the month they would not be playing at all this month except for the set matches. This means they will clearly come into this game cold, and it is unpredictable how they will perform, as judging from their last match, Zeus is a really poor player when he didn’t play recently.

VP have yet to win a single map in the new season of the pro season and something seems to be really off with them as a side right now. Overall almost none of them are hitting their shots, with snax and byali especially looking poor.

The main issue for VP in this first map, is the map. They are playing D2 against Navi, one of their notoriously worst maps that they never play. The chance for this to be their first victory, is highly unlikely. A lot of things will need to go right for them, and wrong for Navi, and even a weaker Navi side should be too strong here for VP. I would suggest going MED on Navi, at a high risk, due to them not practicing. The only reason for making this bet really is the map, which should be a comfortable win for Navi.

My odds for this match: VP 30:70 Na’Vi


VP are really going downhill, it’s just sad to see. VP are not able to compete with tier1 teams anymore, they are way too good right now and considering Na’Vi is top2 in the world right now, VP will be having a hard time. The map will be Dust2 and I’m not expecting this to be close, VP’s worst map is Dust2 whereas for Na’Vi it’s one of their best maps. I can’t really see Na’Vi losing this, should be a pretty comfortable win. I suggest a medium bet, 10% of your inventory on Na’Vi. Don’t go too high as it’s still a BO1 + tier1 vs. tier1.

Pick: Na’Vi

Bet: Medium on Na’Vi (10% of your inventory)

My odds for this match: VP 35:65 Na’Vi


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