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2016/04/13 21:30 UTC

Winner VP

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VP vs. TStorm at Dreamhack

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Tougher game to predict to be honest. VP showed some moments today where they looked like they were coming back, but the map was Train, and they are formidable on this map, even when they are playing bad. Tstorm will for sure not let this map through, and if they can end up on a map such as Cobble, or Mirage, they will for sure have a chance. I think they will have done their homework, and the aggressive, fearless style of Tstorm might well be too hot for VP to handle. I still feel this is a close game and the odds should be about 50-50, as VP have the LAN experience, that always makes them a threat. I would play the odds here, and with Tstorm currently the underdog, a LOW bet on them would be advisable.

My odds for this match: VP 50:50 TStorm

Option 2Bet VP if odds 48% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


So VP continued the trend of sucking really hard online, but doing well on LAN, however I swear it is almost like every team loses a brain cell when they get matched against Virtus Pro. Never understand why teams keep forcing Train vs VP, it is literally a free win for them most of the time, especially tier 2 teams, like why and what are you doing, please Tempo do not pick Train here. Also FaZe just lost many high advantage situations all over the place, hopefully TS does not repeat that, want a good game here. It is hard to separate these two teams, I’m going to have it straight down to a 50-50 and just comes down to map and who is feeling it here for me. Tempo had a huge 12:3 read vs Envy yesterday, however managed to choke it to 14:14 however won out, however still worrysome stuff there. Overall just a 50-50 game, pistols will be crucial, clutch rounds and what not, just can not seperate these two teams. Brain saying VP but heart saying TS.


3% on the underdog here,

My odds = 50-50

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Underdog

My advice = 3% Underdog, or if you are not an addict like the rest of us all, skip

My odds for this match: VP 50:50 TStorm

Option 1Bet VP if odds 50% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


VP obviously had an easy game as they simply got gifted a free win from FaZe, FaZe decided to ban cache over train and VP must have thought ”we’ll take that free win thank you”. VP got lucky in this veto as the only map they’re extremely good on is, exactly, Train. VP are somewhat ”OK” on Cache, Mirage and Cobblestone but nowhere as good as on Train. VP are still slumping but do look a bit better than they did earlier this year.


TempoStorm had a rather choky game against nV, they were 14-4 ish up and somehow choked and let nV come back to 14-14, this should obviously never happen especially not against nV in this shape, luckily for Tempo, they managed to close it out 16-14.


Dust2 – 65-35 TempoStorm

(Pug map, TS are extremely strong here and it’s one of VP’s worst maps)


Cache – 55-45 VirtusPro

(One of VP’s best maps, TS aren’t bad on it either but I would personally favour VP on it)


Inferno – 55-45 VirtusPro

(Typical EU map, I rarely see NA teams upset EU teams on this map, just going to favour VP here)


Mirage – 60-40 TempoStorm

(Second best map of TS, they are strong here and VP haven’t shown us that much here recently)


Overpass – 60-40 VirtusPro

(Not a bad map for TS, but they rarely prac it, VP are simply better here)


Train – 80-20 VirtusPro

(The only extremely one-sided map, TS can’t play it and It’s by far VP’s best map)


Cobblestone – 55-45 TempoStorm

(TS’s best map, they are extremely strong here but let’s not underestimate VP here)


A really close match here. It will come down to the maps IMO, if we get to see Train or Cache then I might have to favour VP here but if we get to see Cobblestone or Mirage then I expect Tempo to win it honestly. The most recent H2H was on Cobblestone and Tempo stomped VP here with an insane T half, their CT looked a bit sloppy but Tempo closed it out and that’s what counts. We will see the map before the match starts, so let’s just see how it goes.

My odds for this match: VP 50:50 TStorm

Option 1Bet VP if odds 50% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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